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Cube, Liverpool

November / December 2008

New to the party scene is Liverpool nightclub, Cube. Combining the original architectural features of a grade two listed building with a new glass and steel construction, Cube offers its clubbers a truly unique setting.

Providing the club with the most up to date technology is new equipment from Tannoy and Tryka which, teamed with a minimalist interior, create the perfect atmosphere for the ultimate clubbing experience.
Cube is located in Concert Steps, a brand new landscaped square adjacent to Concert Square, and is built across four glassed fronted floors, housing the venue’s four different sections: the café bar; the restaurant; the club and the VIP suite. Cube is open Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10pm - 3am. It also caters for private hire events such as corporate events, birthdays, graduations and anniversaries.
Head of project design Neil Riley, Director of Absolute Lighting & Events Ltd explains, “the venue has a wow factor on every floor and each floor is very different, as you move through the floors you’re not seeing anything you’ve seen before – it’s all new and very original.”
It was local company B&S Sound & Light who were in charge of the install, the B&S team were organised by Billy Gillbanks.
The ground floor plays host to the café bar, which has a DJ booth providing pre-club warm-up in the evenings and background music by day. Tannoy’s V8 manage the audio coverage, with a pair of VS10 BP compact bandpass subs providing low end support.
On the first floor you will find the main dance floor, this is where Tannoy’s brand new VQ system makes its first appearance at Cube. A pair of VQ NET 60 cabinets are flown upright along the side of the dance floor, with two VS218 DR twin 18” subwoofer cabinets providing some low frequency reinforcement. Gillbanks also installed some V8s as fills and a V12 in the DJ booth for monitoring. It is similar on the second floor where another dance floor is located. The same main Tannoy system has been installed but here it‘s alongside Martin Krypton 575 moving heads, MX-10 Extreme scanners and Wizard Extremes.
The seating areas are illuminated using Tryka RGB Module 3 lighting units - in total 250 were used across the first and second floors providing the mood settings for the areas away from the dance floors. Designer Riley used the LED lighting to give a strong sense of zoning in the space.
In the restaurant area, nine Di6Ts from Tannoy’s Designer Install series of surface-mount speakers and Tryka Module 3 LED units were used to create a subtle ambience suitable for the dining area.
The VIP lounge is home to more V8s and Tryka LEDs, the Module 3 LED units are used in this area to execute a chilled out and stylishly cool mood, completed by an oversized fibre optic chandelier which forms the centrepiece of the room. Four Tryka IP68-rated Module 36s create the colourful flood wash for the adjoining roof terrace.
Even the toilets have been included in the latest install, with 12 CMS501 ceiling speakers and more Module 3 units, which complement the new state-of-the-art, custom-made laminate walls, ensuring the Cube experience is never interrupted.
Riley says of the completed install: “Liverpool has really been lacking a sizable club with a big impact and now that gap has been filled. The club’s owners, Alan Rogers and Ian Unsworth, didn’t want second best...I used these products because many years down the line they will still work and still look fantastic.”


6 x Martin Pro 250 Kyrptons; 6 x Martin Pro 250 Washes; 12 x Martin Pro Wizards; Martin Pro Atomic 3000 DMX™; Martin Pro Magnum Club Smoke™; 30 x 1200m 1W LED batons; Tryka Module 36s; 250 x mr16

16 x Tannoy V8; 12 x Tannoy CMS501; 4 x Tannoy VQ NET 60; 4 x Tannoy VS218 DR; 4 x Tannoy V12; 9 x Tannoy Di6T; 2 x Tannoy VS10 BP; 4 x Tannoy TDX1; 4 x Lab.gruppen 16:4; 2 x Lab.gruppen FP6400; 1 x Lab.gruppen C20:8





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