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Mule, Penticton

November / December 2008

The Mule nightclub in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada was originally a country music bar, but after its recent upgrade to the latest Martin Professional gear, it has quickly become a hotspot for clubbers, expanding its musical play list to suit the new crowd.

Owners Lorne Leier and Bill Proznik wanted to create a venue which would be the talk of the town. In order to achieve this they had Martin smartMACs installed as the key feature. The smartMAC is a bright 150W moving head profile luminaire that offers a number of advantges: superior reliability, long service intervals, total silence and reduced power bills thanks to a unique fanless cooling system that avoids forcing dust and pollutants into the fixture. The smartMAC kicks out an impressive show of multiple effects and colour as well. To accompany the smartMACs is an Atomic 3000 strobe for that extra punch and a PC-based Martin LightJockey control system.
Martin Canada (Erikson Pro) distributed the products and they were installed by Al Leier, an electrical contactor hired by the venue. Martin Canada’s sales rep for Western Canada, Clayton Hubick was on hand to assist with the design and install, ensuring everything was fitted correctly. “The owners really wanted a fresh look to the room,” he says, adding that “the lighting system needed to be as low maintenance as possible, which is one of the main reasons they chose the Martin smartMAC. Getting to some of the higher parts of the truss involved bringing in a hydraulic lift, so the longer they could go between service intervals was important. They also wanted the ability to project custom gobos, which the smartMACs do extremely well, the optical quality and intensity is hard to beat, especially from only a 150W source.”
Leier says they had time on their hands for the install and their “patience working on this project meant they didn’t encounter many hurdles.” He continues, “we took our time when thinking about the layout and followed proper procedures when the time came to execute the job. I guess you could say it was installed smartly.”
The recent install has given the club owners some huge advantages in comparison to the old system. “The most successful elements of the finished design is how easy the system is to use,” says Hubick. Such a simple design from Martin’s Lightjockey Manager and a touch screen control means anybody can operate the system, “a cocktail waitress can enter the DJ booth and be able to bring up the ‘happy hour preset’ or whatever look is desired.”
The products in terms of after care are also fairly low maintenance, the Pulsar LED product requires zero maintenance, and the smartMAC moving heads over the dancefloor have 3000hr lamp in them, so won’t need changing for about two years and when there are replaced, Hubick says “we’ll replace them with the 9000hr lamps, and then we won’t need to change them for another six years!”
The final outcome of the redesign seems to be popular amongst Martin Canada, the owners and all their customers.
Hubick said: “There have been many descriptions given to its new look - West Coast, San Francisco, New Orleans lounge - the venue definitely attracts many guests. It looks mint!”
Lorne expresses his delight with the upgrade. “Everyone that comes to the club loves the glow of it all,” he says. “It’s a warm and inviting feeling. Exciting and invigorating, everyone is very impressed. All thanks to the dealer and the backup support.”


8 x Martin Pro smartMAC; 1 x Martin Pro Atomic 3000 DMX™; 1 x Martin Pro LightJockey; 1 x Martin Pro Optosplitter; 6 x PR Lighting Solo 250; 68 x Pulsar MR16; 12 x Pulsar Strip 1200mm; 6 x Pulsar Frosted Eye; 2 x Pulsar Strip 900mm; 3 x Pulsar ChromaZone; 1 x Swefog Ultimate 2000





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