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Super Dom, Ansan City

November / December 2008

After reviewing thousands of clubs around the world it takes quite a lot to really gobsmack mondo*dr.

A club owner once had us traipsing half way round the planet, neglecting to inform that his venue was still under construction and weeks from completion. Slick PR spin doctors talk up new “night clubs” that turn out to be glorified restaurants with paltry sound and lighting systems that became popular late night dance spots just because local celebrities has been paid off to show their faces there.

Thus it was with some trepidation that KY Lee’s crew brought us to Super Dom in Ansan City two hours south of Seoul. KY Lee is the President of Ssang-Bong Co. Ltd. and the man responsible for Dynacord becoming the sound system of choice for approximately 70% of Korea’s major club venues. Before venturing out to Ansan, he had mentioned that one of the key players involved in the project was a motion technician but it wasn’t until getting inside Super Dom that the significance of this became so apparent.

Just after entering what at first appeared to be a huge ornate banquet hall, the towering octagonal central roof began to open up and ersatz snow came fluttering down from above. Gosh! Despite at least an hour of heavy rain before arriving, there wasn’t a drop of water below, the perfectly sealed hydraulic powered mechanism, the closest club technology has ever come to rocket science. That was just the beginning. The broad multi-stage was a wonder to behold - panels smoothly sliding in and out to reveal spouting water fountains, another stage emerging from below, yet another descending from above and even more panels revealing themselves behind. And if that wasn’t enough, the ceiling above the dance floor also had all sorts of magical gadgets spinning around and going up and down. Truly marvelous. Is this what it’s like to be a speck of dust inside a Swiss watch? Or a dwarf inside a transformer robot?

Despite what may appear to be a mammoth banquet hall to the foreign observer, this venue is decidedly not a mammoth dining facility. The only food served at Super Dom is light snacks - no meat. En masse seating is preferred by South Koreans, who work extremely hard and enjoy socializing around tables instead of standing around. Potential romantic introductions are usually made by the waiting staff - who by the way, were seen studiously aligning the tables with extended lengths of string before the club opened. In addition to the seating area on the main floor there are 64 karaoke rooms surrounding the room like private opera booths.

Even though things may have slowed down a little, the superclub is still very much alive and well in South Korea. According to KY Lee, there are at least eight such venues in this country. One has a helicopter which descends from above - famous singers and such emerge from the doors when it reaches the helipad. Super Dom, one of the best examples, was first conceived 18 months ago. The land was purchased and the entire purpose built project was completed after one year of night and day construction. Why Ansan? Because the Seoul market is already saturated and club developers are successfully exploring other areas.

In addition to KY Lee, there were four other key players involved - Mr Moon the financier, Mr Kym the experienced club veteran and Motion Master Lee (no relation). Mr Kym had an established working relationship with KY Lee so Ssang-Bong Co.Ltd. were selected for the Dynacord audio install. Lighting and laser design was by Jung Ku Lee (also no relation). They all worked together to incorporate sound, light, staging and motion technology. Because motion technology was one of the most important facets of the project, interior design followed after that and was developed to accentuate Motion Master Lee’s fascinating accomplishment.

(Words & Pics: Jimmie Wing)


60 x SGM CYM 400 Giotto Spot; 90 x domestic moving head 575; 110 x Clay Paky Stage Scan 1200; 110 x Colour changer 250 watt; 7,000 x Little twinkly lights; 3,000 x Little twinkly beams; 6 x Hang Kang fire machine

8 x Dynacord X-1/60P RMS 800 W alpha speaker; 8 x Dynacord B-3 PWH RMS 1000 W alpha speaker; 4 x Dynacord L 2400 1200W x 2 Ch power amp; 4 x Dynacord L 1600 800W x 2 Ch power amp; 4 x Dynacord L 1000 500W x 2 Ch power amp; 2 x Dynacord S 1200 600W x 2 Ch power amp; 2 x Dynacord DSP 244 2 in 4 out digital processor; 1 x Allen&Health “48”” GL “ 48 Channel main mixer; 2 x Klark Tecknik DN 360 31Band x 2Ch equalizer; 4 x Dynacord VL 152 RMS 500 W monitor speaker; 2 x Dynacord CL 1200 800 W x 2 CH monitor amp; 1 x LA Audio Q231 31Band x 2Ch monitor equalizer; 2 x Dynacord F 150 RMS 400 W; 2 x Dynacord F 8 RMS 500 W ; 1 x Dynacord PM 2600 1300 W x 2 CH ; 1 x LA Audio Q231 31Band x 2Ch sidefill equalizer; 2 x Pioneer DJM 600 DJ mixer; 4 x Pioneer CDJ 200 CD player; 8 x DBX dbx 160 compresser; 1 x Yamaha SPX 2000 effect; 2 x Shure ULX mic; 2 x Shure SM 58 mic





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