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Club Volume, Seoul

November / December 2008

There’s absolutely no question about this venue being categorised as a dance club or disco.

On leap day, February 29th this year, Seoul’s newest club opened - grandly featuring Canadian pioneering electro-meister, John Acquaviva. Since then some of the highest profile Korean and international DJs - Tiesto, Junior Vasquez and Darren Price to name just a few - have already graced this hallowed (by clubbers) seven-metre high venue. It is reportedly the brainchild of DJ Sin with O2 Productions. Sin was the main DJ at Seoul’s legendary Juliana’s and the same person who first recommended the Funktion-One system for Club Spot, it was a no brainer that F1 would also be selected for Club Volume.

Physically attached to the Crown Hotel an institution in Itaewon (a district that was once notorious for its somewhat less respectable night clubs and bars), this is by no means a typical hotel club, in fact the venue is run independently by O2 Productions and South Wave Media. Club Volume was created and conceptulaized for “world class DJs, fashion, passion, and an evolving luxurious life style.” The partially underground club has two-storeys and caters to a capacity crowd of up to 1500 when packed.

A four-way divided control system was installed producing 12 individual patterns to enable live visuals - a first for Korean night clubs. VOLUME also features 8mm LEC chips and a 15meter LED screen pillar and a 60 meter wide LED wall behind the DJ console that showcases Japanese Motion Dive software presented by Korea’s leading VJs. Not only but also there’s a 10W Sollinger Laser and an interactive I-Bar & I-Wall developed and produced by Mindstorm UK, who first debuted in Asia at Bangkok’s Twisted Republic.

The Funktion-One system was designed by SOUNDUS and installed by AT Media who have also done major installs including Hanmaum Hall (Daehan Investment Stock), Conference Centre for Video at Kyunggi University and Youngdong Stadium.

SOUNDUS informed mondo*dr that before opening Volume opened, O2 Productions had gained experience putting on special dance music events at diverse locations around Seoul and become familiar with various leading sound systems, finally concluding that “among those systems Funktion-one was the best of all (for them) and was eligible for club music”.

Being attached to the Crown Hotel, sound containment was a major issue. In order to overcome this, vibration-proofing and soundproofing were carefully designed by SOUNDUS for the interior, especially the subwoofers which were installed incorporating special equipment custom created to prevent resonance throughout the hotel structure. Upstairs, there are zoned seating and dancing areas with strategically placed Funktion-One Res2s and F88s so that customers in all areas can grok the fullness of the F1 sound.

(Words & Pics: Jimmie Wing)





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