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Banyan Tree, Seoul

November / December 2008

Categorizing this venue as a disco is quite a stretch, but well mitigated given its Funktion-One sound system and the visual embellishment of generic lighting above the central foliage in the main hall.

It’s not so hard to imagine Seoul’s financially-privileged elite gyrating on the surrounding tiers, and the orator’s podium replaced by a DJ booth with turntables and other essential accoutrements. Then there’s the rooftop area - with a spa pool and almost 360º views of Seoul city, also outfitted with Funktion-One F88s - more than aptly fitting the description of a chill-out area in most dance clubs around the planet.

As the name clearly implies, Seoul’s version of the worldwide hotel and resort chain is a club and spa. This particular one is for members only and so exclusive it was a miracle that Sang-Jo Eom of SOUNDUS was able to arrange permission for mondo*dr to get inside. The global concern’s first city club in Asia is located in upmarket Namsan, in the centre of Seoul. It is correctly described as offering a combination of world-class club facilities including a wide range of sporting, leisure, educational and entertainment activities.

The Funktion-One system was designed and installed by White Sound, a rental company that carries out unique high-end installs and special events, one of the most recent being Nike’s head office in Korea.
Not only were the venue’s discerning management satisfied with initial sound set ups, they highly appreciated its balanced appearance in the club / spa environment and decided on F1 for the main hall multi-purpose function area. The Resolution 4s with Subwoofers F218s and Infrabasses can all be be moved when required to accommodate different kinds of events.

(Words & Pics: Jimmie Wing)


4 x Funktion-One RES 1 speaker; 4 x Funktion-One RES 4E-CP speaker; 2 x Funktion-One F218 sub; 2 x Funktion-One INFRABASS218 sub; 13 x Funktion-One F88 ; 2 x Funktion-OneE XO1 Speaker management; 4 x Funktion-One RM-12





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