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Club Jeff, Seoul

November / December 2008

Another hybrid Seoul venue that barely qualifies as a disco is Club Jefe, although the spacious second floor does easily lends itself to putting on disco style events.

Located on the broad Han River, between Seoul’s newly expanding southern and established northern districts, this is one of the capital’s newest entertainment spots. After two years of construction it opened in spring this year. The name Jefe is loosely translated as “occupation forces taking over”. Dreamt up, owned and operated by a luxury car and yacht finance company, their concept for this venue was to create a place for wealthy people to enjoy water sports alongside a luxury dining and dancing lifestyle. Total interior design was by Choon Hee-Ko of WithusDesign right down to stylish uniforms for the staff. Based on Jefe’s initial success, there are already plans underway for major expansion.

The Dynacord sound system here was installed by supplier distributor Ssang-Bong Co.Ltd, headed by Kae-Young Lee - usually referred to as KY Lee. The vast success of Dynacord in Korea is reportedly attributable to a chance meeting many years ago in Germany when Lee attended a garden party and was introduced to one of Dynacord’s key personnel. Since then he has risen to become one of the leading figures in the Korean club audio industry and Dynacord the system of choice for the majority of large Korean entertainment venues.

It was KY Lee who recommended ArtTech, Robe Lighting’s exclusive distributor in Korea for lighting. The Robe lighting throughout is exemplary for such an inspiring location and more than does justice to Choon Hee-Ko’s interior design, especially on the second floor which serves as a mult-function room. Watching Robe’s Color Spots and Color Washes in action against the backdrop of the Han River and Seoul city, it is very easy to see how it can position itself as the leading dance club for Korea’s healthy and wealthy.

(Words & Pics: Jimmie Wing)


FIRST FLOOR:5 x Robe Color Spot 575AT moving head; 4 x Robe Color Wash Zoom 575AT moving head; 4 x Robe 136LT; 15 x FAL Multi Par HPL 575 Spot Light; Rober Faze 400FT smoke machine; Robe CMX1024 light console
SECOND FLOOR: 10 x Robe Color Spot 575AT moving head; 4 x Robe Color Wash Zoom 575AT moving head; 10 x FAL Multi Par HPL 575 spot light; Robe Faze 1000FT smoke machine; 1 x Avolites Pearl 2008 console

2 x Dynacord VL 122 main speaker; 2 x Dynacord MT 115 sub; 1 x Dynacord AM 12 active monitor speaker; 1 x Dynacord M 12 monitor speaker; 1 x Dynacord PM 1000-2 powered mixer; 1 x Dynacord EQ3310 monitor equalizer; 1 x SV-CR 6700 DVD/VTR; 3 x Shure Beta 58 mic; 2 x Shure SLX24/Beta87 wireless mic; 1 x PS 80 power distributor





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