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Club Spot, Seoul

November / December 2008

While ‘discobility’ may be just one function of many of Seoul’s hybrid entertainment spaces, there are newer venues that work purely as hedonistic dance clubs.

Club Spot, barely one year old and located in the modern southern district, is undoubtedly one of them.

The principal owner and operator, Oh Duk Soo, began his time on the Korean club scene as a lowly waiter, but swiftly moved on to become a highly respected manager, adept at building trusting relationships with staff and colleagues. Though his knowledge of design, sound and lighting technology is said to be limited, he is extremely good at recognising talent and ability. Club SPOT is testament to this.

ArtTech were chosen to install a Robe based lighting scheme and SOUNDUS (a company with long experience in club installation in Korea, including Club Cargo, Itaewon Club and Hard Rock Cafe) took care of the gently thundering Funktion-One system. Covering 1,200sqm, Spot was constructed in just four months and has a capacity for 1,000 people when packed.

Spot was created to broaden the club market after Juliana’s, one of Seoul’s leading upmarket establishments, closed, leaving just one high class venue in the city. The concept was to create a multi-visual environment able to host the likes of fashion shows and major product launches in a dance club setting.

According to SOUNDUS, before Funktion-One’s eminent launch in Korea, the brand already had a strong reputation among the country’s top DJs. (One of them, DJ Sin, first recommended Funktion-One for Club Spot.) Previously popular among the small clubs around Hongik University, F1 systems were usually based on RES2s and RES4s. Spot, however, was created to be a more luxurious establishment – with a lavish sound system to match. One of Korea’s biggest media company’s were major investors in the club. Producers and staff there had also heard of F1s reputation and “longed for” a Funktion-One system. They got it. Adopting F1’s dance stack for the first time in Korea created a sensation, putting Spot firmly on the map.

SOUNDUS told mondo*dr that in spite of more than 110dB of enormous sound, it was truly amazing to see customers dancing on the main floor and having conversations without ever needing to raise their voices - a revelation for the Korean club scene, but pretty much in line with F1’s reputation.

Reportedly there were no special embellishments required for the F1 install. On the opening day customers were not only awed by the powerful sound but also delighted with the appearance of the Dance Stacks. One can’t help but wonder if there may be a coincidental affinity with distinctively sharp, angular, Korean design and architectural elements and the uniquely distinctive look of F1’s range.
One of Spot’s most memorable features is its indoor swimming pool. Separated from the main room by a wall of translucent glass, this area has its own DJ console and lighting deck with F88s and white RES1s above and surrounding the pool. Gentlemen delight in accidentally bumping highfalutin models into the water.

ArtTech, who were also responsible for the lighting at Juliana’s, installed and designed the lighting throughout Spot except for the glaring LEDs, which at times tend to diminish the effect of the elegant Robe based system. Surprisingly, the swimming pool lighting install is still functioning perfectly despite the constant humidity in that area (as is the F1 system).

Another feature in the main room and upstairs are vast seating areas. It suggest the club also has major restaurant facilities but is in fact a prime example of Korean clubbing preferences - while customers at most clubs throughout Asia can perch around low tables and stand around high ones, Korean clubbers prefer to sit en masse.

(Words & Pics: Jimmie Wing)


18 x Robe Color Spot 575AT moving head; 8 x domestic Strobe 1500W DMX; 8 x HPL 750W Ellipsoid; 2 x Robe Faze 1000FT smoke machine; 1 x R&D Case P1 console

HALL & STAGE: 2 x Funktion-One DS1 main speaker; 6 x Funktion-One F88 sub speaker; 2 x Funktion-One RES 1 monitor speaker; 1 x MC2 E15 main speaker (1”) amp; 1 x MC2 E25 main speaker (10”) amp; 1 x MC2 E25 main speaker (15”) amp; 4 x MC2 MC1250 subwoofer(Bass) amp; 2 x MC2 MC1250 subwoofer(Sub Bass) amp; 1 x MC2 E15 monitor(H/M) amp; 1 x MC2 E25 monitor(L) amp; 3 x MC2 T-1000 sub amp; 2 x Funktion-One XO1 speaker management(main); 1 x Rane RPM26z speaker management(DJ monitor); 1 x Rane RPM26z speaker management (sub speaker); 1 x Rane MP-2016A DJ mixer; 1 x Rane XP-2016A DJ mixer processor; 1 x Midas Venice 320 audio mixer; 3 x AKG D3800 mic; 3 x AKG HT400/C Wireless mic; 3 x AKG SR400 reciever; 3 x Technics SL-1200MK5S turn table; 3 x Pioneer CDJ1000MK3 CD player; 1 x Pioneer DJM800 DJ mixer; 1 x Pioneer EFX1000 effector
SWIMMING POOL: 2 x Funktion-One RES 1P main speaker; 2 x Funktion-One F88 monitor speaker; 1 x MC2 T-2000 main speaker; 1 x MC2 T-1500 monitor speaker; 1 x Rane RPM44 speaker management; 1 x Rane MP-2016A DJ mixer; 1 x Rane XP-2016A DJ mixer processor; 1 x Midas Venice 160 audio mixer; 1 x Pioneer DJM800 DJ mixer; 2 x Technics SL-1200MK5S turn table; 2 x Pioneer CDJ1000MK3 CD player; 1 x Pioneer EFX1000 effector





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