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SGM LED Domes Find Sanctuary in Glasgow

Blinding Light specifies 730 SGM LD-5’s in major club refurbishment.

When Chris Lessani and partner Gary MacCulloch took over the former Boho Club in Glasgow’s city centre at the end of last year they wasted no time in renaming it The Sanctuary.
In order to stamp a new identity on the popular location, they travelled extensively looking for unique lighting ideas that would dazzle the dancefloor, and set it apart from other venues in the area. This would form the centrepiece of a significant interior upgrade this spring.
Having seen a particular domed LED lighting effect while in London, they brought in long-standing Aberdeen-based installers, Blinding Light, as a specialist contractor to work alongside the general fit-out team.

They were in turn introduced to SGM UK’s Ian Kirby and as a result specified no fewer than 730 LD-5 for use on the club ceiling. Measuring just 80mm in outer diameter, up to 35 domes can be run in a single chain and under the command of the Madrix sound activated effects generator and media server Blinding Light’s Scott Cruickshank knew the effect would be pulsating.
Scott said: “The clients wanted to develop the small sphere idea in the ceiling and had seen a similar but inferior solution. As soon as Ian introduced me to the LD-5 I could see it was a finished, and much more versatile product and much better for installation.”

Chris Lessani agreed: “The LD-5 is one of a kind and the effects it produces are amazing. Although we have operated bars in the past, this is our first nightclub enterprise and we are delighted that we have been able to create so much impact with these Domes that we only needed to add four moving lights for the entire dance floor.”

Together with the two owners, Blinding Light sourced a series of aluminium composite panels, in gloss black, each measuring 2m x 1m, which were laser pre-cut so that the LD-5’s would line up perfectly. 

“Rather than just have an effect running across the ceiling we decided to wrap it down the wall behind the DJ box and then back in front so it looked like he was floating in mid-air. The reflection off the gloss finish added to the effect," continued Chris.
Blinding Light installed, cabled and populated the Alupanels, which were fixed to a specially-constructed framework. “It took a lot of clever planning and pixel mapping to make sure there was no voltage drop.” said Chris.

The overall geometric measures 10 LD-5’s wide and 73 long. With just one long slice measuring 14.6m x 2m running the length of the ceiling, this creates a compelling centrepiece, which dominates the main dancefloor.
Being sound activated, the effect is further animated using the waveform from the music being played by the DJ. Meanwhile, the LJ can choose circular FX pulsing from the centre, and other effects ranging from early evening subtle fading to the entire feature colour strobing. He can also use scrolling text control with the Madrix or even have chevron arrows zipping towards the DJ.

Scott Cruickshank added: "Once the hardware is installed, the only limit for effects is your own creativity and imagination.”

But the final word comes from Chris Lessani who said: “The LD-5’s have received a great reaction, not only from our customers but from other club owners, who have been dropping in to see what all the fuss is about.”





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