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SSL Duality Defines the Future for PHL Music Program at Limburg

Limburg University College has upgraded its PHL Music facilities with a Solid State Logic Duality SE console.

The PHL Music program offers a specialty technical degree that culminates with advanced coursework on the Duality. The school’s music technology course is a three-year, pop and rock music degree program that offers expert training for studio and live engineering applications.

The choice of Duality brings with it the sonic legacy enjoyed by countless major artists over the decades, while incorporating sophisticated DAW control to accommodate current recording practices well into the future.

Jorg Sacré, coordinator of the studio engineer program at Limburg said: “When looking for the best console for our third-year students to complete their education, we looked at all manufactures’ products and chose the SSL Duality. We think it’s really important for students to use a straightforward analogue signal flow and in-line ergonomic layout. We recently built two new studios to bring our total to three. Each studio is used to teach analogue signal flow on progressively larger consoles. Duality is the new Rolls Royce among consoles and delivers a big ‘wow’ factor because it is an SSL. More importantly, the sound is crystal clear and addresses the way artists and engineers in the music industry work, while being easily expandable.”

The hunt for the best console included research on digital consoles as well as high-end analogue consoles. The choice of Duality also included longevity as a prime factor.

“Our search was comprehensive and took over six months to complete,” said Jorg. “While we looked at digital consoles, we learned that many desks that were very hot one year disappeared three years later. It is really important that we educate students on the kind of desk that will be around for decades and that has an infrastructure design philosophy that will continue to be around. This longevity is what we get in the Duality.”

Duality is receiving rave reviews as a teaching tool because it successfully bridges the analogue and digital worlds by delivering the foundations of analogue function and routing, while offering on-console control of prominent DAW systems.





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