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Sanctuary Lakes is a Haven For High Performance Audio

Situated in the newly developed Melbourne, Australia, sea side suburb of Point Cook, the Sanctuary Lakes Hotel is truly is multi-faceted venue and will be the icon of Melbourne's fastest developing growth corridor.

The venue management are very experienced hoteliers and the vision of what was required was firm. Uncompromising quality AV throughout, and a control system which can be operated by any number of staff.

The venue serves the local area by hosting many council, corporate and sporting club functions and events as well as a full program of entertainment. 

The A/V system is high tech yet functional across a wide variety of requirements. Ethernet-based video distribution deals with both the multi-channel sporting requirements and the entertainment all controlled by touch panels.

The zones are as varied as the functions:
* Main Bistro

* Function Room 1
* Function Room 2  (The three zones can split and combine, making 800 person functions possible)
* Piano / Live Music Bar

* Tapas / Cocktail Bar

* Kids play centre
* Large Gaming Room
* One of Australia's most comprehensive Sports Bars, over 50 TV screens, Pool tables etc.
* Three Outdoor Breakout Zones for dining/drinking

The audio system can accommodate live, reproduced music and spoken word zoned throughout the complex for control of multiple event spaces. Quest Engineering HPI Series PA systems in Piano Bar, Function Room 1, Function Room 2 are capable of high SPL output yet are discrete in appearance. These are augmented by Quest MS Series loudspeakers as a distributed system as required.The result is uniform sound and control of each audio space in an environment where sound spill can be an issue.

Jonathan Sinclair, sound designer overseeing the project said: “I simply cannot believe how well Quest Engineering has done with its HPI series of loudspeakers & subwoofer cabinets. Stunning sonic performance yet still extremely price competitive. The HPI series punches well above its weight and wins shootout after shootout. We have followed the Quest evolution and long been a strong supporter of the brand, and now with the HPI series, I'm thrilled to use them on high profile installations which demand only 'top shelf' audio solutions."

The project was completed by Pro Light and Sound Melbourne.





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