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Wyandotte High School Auditorium Gets Upgrade with Bose

Midwest AV systems integration company, Progressive Electronics, based in Raytown, Missouri, near Kansas City, has recently completed its third project using Bose Professional RoomMatch loudspeakers and PowerMatch amplifiers.

The historic 1,500-capacity Wyandotte High School Auditorium in Kansas City features the Bose RoomMatch system and consists of two stereo left-right arrays using RM5520, RM7020 and RM7040 loudspeakers and a centre array using RM7010, RM9010 and RM9020 loudspeakers. These are powered by seven Bose PowerMatch PM8500N amplifiers.

The result, said Steven Brown, Systems Design & Sales for Progressive Electronics, is: “In a word, astounding. Everyone who has heard these speakers has the same reaction. They are simply the finest-sounding loudspeakers I’ve installed in over 20 years of doing this.”

Bob Ledo, Senior Vice President at Coffeen Fricke and Associates, the consultant that specified the system, pointed out that the historical nature of the auditorium and its lack of acoustical treatment made it a particularly difficult challenge, but one that the RoomMatch system was especially well suited for.

“The RoomMatch array modules allowed us to customise the sound system for the room without having to affect any of the space’s aesthetics, because the loudspeakers can be so precisely aimed, letting us keep the sound off the side and rear walls,” he explained. “And because the dispersion is so precise, it also meant that the system did not need additional fill speakers other than several below the balcony. That reduced the potential complexity of the system, and minimised the need for any additional hardware, which was also important for keeping the historical nature of the interior untouched."





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