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White Light Supplies New Dimmers To The London Coliseum

Entertainment lighting specialist White Light has helped the English National Opera replace the dimming system at its London Coliseum home, supplying the company with a versatile new system using the ADB Eurodim Twin Tech modular dimming system.

“We needed the new system be reliable, to last for a long time, and to be flexible enough to cope with the wide range of different light sources that we work with on shows here,” explained Kevin Sleep, ENO’s Head of Lighting.

“Having begun detailed research into what was available and trying to match our requirements to them, it was fortuitous that we had some technicians over at ADB for service training on the ADB WARP/M automated fixture. The ADB systems were on our horizon and the technicians took the opportunity to have a good look at this new system and they were very impressed.”
ADB showed us the dimmers fading everything from a 5K to a neon indicator lamp – without using a load lamp. It was a very impressive demonstration. In addition, each dimmer could be switched to being a true non-dim under software control - really useful not just as we add more moving lights to our rig, but for controlling HMIs without having to worry about manually running non-dim power or swapping modules to non-dims.”

White Light supplied the dimmers to English National Opera, the system comprising ten racks fitted with 884 3kW and 213 5kW DimSwitch switchable dimmer/non-dim modules giving a total of 1097 dimmers and each rack with main and backup control electronics. White Light’s Simon Needle oversaw the project, and said: “The Twin Tech dimmers seemed to fit ENO’s needs perfectly, particularly in terms of their solid construction and reliability. We’ve also all enjoyed how responsive ADB have been, refining their software in response to feedback from the ENO team - for example, changing their fault-reporting so that ENO’s console operators were not overwhelmed with fault reports as lanterns were re-plugged in changeovers between shows.”

The installation itself took place in a tight five week period carefully organised by ENO’s Kevin Sleep and Ric Mountjoy, during which the London Coliseum was hosting a number of visiting dance companies. White Light supplied the theatre with temporary dimming from its rental stock to run these shows. White Light also acted as a staging post, collecting the new racks and dimmers from ADB in France and storing them at its Wimbledon base until they were required at the Coliseum, since moving the racks into the dimmer room involved careful planning to get them in to the building without disturbing rehearsals. The installation itself was carried out by PTB Ltd, with whom White Light has previously collaborated on new dimmer installations at the Savoy and Lyceum Theatres.

The new dimmers have just completed their first show - a revival of La bohème - where the installation performed flawlessly. “Every part of the Twin Tech dimmers feels well thought out, robust and reliable, and every part of the project has been well handled by Raph Janssens at ADB, Nick Ewins at PTB and by Simon Needle and his team at White Light. We are delighted with our new installation”, said Kevin Sleep.





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