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Robe LEDWash 600 for the Skövde Stadsteater

Robe Robin LEDWash series fixtures continue to prove a popular choice for theatre installations in Sweden.

The 503 seat Skövde Stadsteater is  another venue that has invested in LEDWashes, taking delivery of eight Robin 600 LEDWashes that were supplied by Swedish distributor Bellalite via locally based rental company, Sound Star.

The decision to purchase the latest fixtures for the theatre - an integral part of the first purpose built Cultural Centre (Kulturhus) in Sweden in 1964 - was made by Head of Lighting Fredrik Ekström. He sought an LED moving light and looked at the various options.

He specifically wanted one with a bright output, a smooth homogenised light source, silent running and a good zoom range. The LEDWash 600 ticked all the right boxes and he describes them as, the “Perfect” fixtures for the venue.

He also remarks that the variety of ‘real’ whites that can be produced by the LEDWash 600s was important.

Skövde Stadsteater hosts a wide variety of shows including lots of live music and concerts, together with comedy and drama. During peak times, they are staging at least five shows a week and host 30 plus major productions per year.

Prior to the LEDWash 600s, the venue has had Robe ColorWash 250E ATs installed for the last five years which have run constantly and needed little maintenance, so they knew first-hand that Robe was a reliable option.

While Ekström is away working as Head of Lighting/Stage manager on the current tour of Cirkus Cirkor, his place at Skövde Stadsteater has been taken up by Simon Carnell who has been using Robe products for around 10 years, initially in a nightclub in Bournemouth, UK.
Carnell studied Lighting Design at the University of Glamorgan - a course which has an excellent working relationship with Robe UK - graduating in 2010.

Before moving to Sweden, he also freelanced at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff, Wales, another busy venue which has some Robe moving lights. Additionally, he has used Robe moving lights on numerous tours.
The first of Robe’s hugely successful LEDWash series fixtures came to market just as he was leaving University, so he’s very pleased to be working with these now in Sweden.

“I have always found Robe products to be good, reliable and affordable,” he commented.

He finds the speed of the LEDWash 600s ideal for lighting dance shows, where rapid repositioning is a must. The last one of these he lit at Skövde Stadsteater involved 32 scenes that segued straight into one another with no pauses, so the LEDWash’s speed was a great asset and the units received a good workout!

He added that the colour palette is also great for matching with the ColorWash 250E ATs.

Skövde Stadsteater is one of many Swedish theatre venues to invest in Robe in the last year - others include Stora Teatern in Göteborg and Södra Teatern in Stockholm.





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