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Ryerson University’s Upgrade with One Systems Speakers

June 14 2013

Ryerson University’s Mattamy Athletic Centre at the Gardens, in Toronto, Ontario Canada, now features a newly upgraded sound system that includes One Systems direct weather, high intelligibility loudspeakers.

Toronto’s Mulvey & Banani International performed the site analysis and designed the system, and Westbury National Show Systems of Toronto installed the speakers and other AV equipment.

The arena in the NHL sized hockey rink seats 2,539 and is the new home of the Ryerson Rams hockey team, as well as the recently renamed Toronto Shooting Stars of the Canadian Lacrosse League. The historic facility is also open to the entire Toronto community and it features an NHL sized ice rink, a multi-purpose court, studios, multi-purpose meeting rooms and a state-of-the-art fitness center.

After its occupation of the historic venue in 2009, Ryerson University began a facility wide renovation and repurposing of the original Maple Leaf Gardens space and became aware that a sound system upgrade was desperately needed for the new Mattamy Athletic Facility.

Mulvey & Banani International was engaged for the all the electrical, IT, security and audio-visual system design work. The facility’s large sized arena space and reverberant acoustics, dictated a distributed loudspeaker arrangement to ensure even coverage of the spectator’s space as well as the playing surface.
One Systems’ performance, quality, value and size made the choice easy for Mulvey & Banani.

Devy Breda, Senior AV Systems Designer at Mulvey & Banani. said: “The performance of this new sound system met the design criteria. We were surprised at the sound pressure level that the 112IM loudspeakers deliver. Speech intelligibility of the speakers is very good and the system delivers a much higher acoustic level and gain-before-feedback."

The 112IM speakers had to be suspended from existing narrow catwalks; therefore the size and weight of them were an issue and a factor.

Devy continued: 
“The compactness of the 112IMs were a winning factor for this particular set up, and on top of that they had no problem meeting the required volume.”

The requirement of hanging speakers from the catwalk affected the loudspeaker clusters’ placement due to restricted size and fly points.

“Our design stipulated that the loudspeakers and clusters were to be oriented horizontally with their horns rotated. The sound contractor fabricated a custom made fly bracket for each loudspeaker cluster to comply with the design intent
. Our overall impression gathered from conversations with Ryerson University’s faculty, the student body and other stakeholders is that there is great overall satisfaction with the performance of this new sound system." Devy concluded.





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