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New Optocore System for Düsseldorf Schauspielhaus

The Düsseldorf Schauspielhaus is located in the Bernhard Peacock building at Gustaf-Gründgens space. It was designed by architect Bernhard Pfau. The sculptural structure boasts curvaceous lines, is staggered in height, is divided into a large house with 750 and a small house with up to 200 seats.

Designed “to respond to the challenges of a globalized world” at the same time it hosts local artists and institutions as well as other art forms including dance, experimental music and the visual arts.

To keep up to date with modern technical requirements the theatre recently upgraded its network distribution by installing an Optocore fibre digital backbone. In order to meet safety requirements and conform to legislation, the house system is now interfaced to the fire alarm/voice evacuation system via one of the modified Optocore X6R-FX units.

Optocore dealer, Synthax, provided a number of modules to installation contractor, Salzbrenner Stagetec Media Group enabling them to provide a fully redundant distribution system from stage to FOH.

Salzbrenner’s rack design revolved around two central Optocore DD32R-FX AES-EBU hubs from which the network is constructed, and includes a number of Optocore/SANE converters connected to the Yamaha mixing platforms. These include X6R-FX providing 16LI (Line In) channels and V3R-TP-8LI. In addition six X6R-FX are equipped with 8MI (Mic In)/8LO (Line Out) boards, with four V3R-TP-8LO, X6R-FX-16MI, X6R-TP-8MI/8LO and X6R-TP-16LO.

The new technology has provided more flexible routing options for sound engineer, Hans-Jürgen Becker and the Schauspielhaus technical team.

Kai Reiter, Synthax Optocore product specialist said: “Optocore are well known for their flexibility and customised solutions. This time, in addition to the state-of-the-art high channel count platform, they delivered the unique fire alarm firmware, which allows the fire alarm to trigger the Optocore system mute. Thanks to this feature the Playhouse passed all the rigorous safety tests and conforms to fire regulations.”





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