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One Systems Speakers Chosen for Fukushima’s Convention and Exhibition Halls

Japan’s multipurpose convention center, Big Palette Fukushima, has chosen One Systems for its newly renovated convention and exhibition hall. The installation includes One Systems 108IM and 112IM speakers.

The 247,000 square foot facility hosts a variety of exhibitions, regional festivals, international conferences and sporting events during the course of the year.

The facilities management team relied on M & N of Tokyo to design the system, while Panasonic System Japan installed the One Systems speakers within the facility’s 31,329 square foot exhibition hall and 1,032 square foot convention hall.

Big Palette Fukushima was able to resume full operations only 19 months after the devastating Tóhoku earthquake in March 2011. The One Systems speakers replaced the original systems in both halls, utilizing the same locations to blend with the existing lighting and catwalk areas.

M & N President, Masaki Morimoto said: “for this facility we were trying to find speakers with incredible sound reproduction and the ability to deliver even sound pressure level as well, so One Systems was a perfect fit. The ability of One Systems speakers to change the coverage pattern on the horns to 105 degrees x 60 degrees was a huge plus for this application.”

One Systems multiple mounting options made installation easy for Panasonic System Japan. In the convention hall the 108IM and 112IM speakers were mounted on either side of the catwalk using One Systems PT-38 and PT-76 brackets. The 112IM speakers were ceiling mounted in the exhibition hall using 112IM-U U-Brackets.

Masaki continued: “Not only do One Systems speakers have superb reproduction quality and flexible mounting options, but the flexible horn patterns in each and rotatable horns in the 108 and 112IMs, made the choice easy for us"

While many speaker systems were considered for this large installation, M a& N recommended One Systems to provide the best performance for any show, convention or other event in the space.

“One Systems is very pleased to provide enhanced audio for Big Palette Fukushima. We have worked with M and N Co on several successful projects in the past, and look forward to many more collaborations.” One Systems President, Doug MacCallum concluded.





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