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GLP Spot Ones Turn Seattle Shopping Mall Into Permanent Theatrical Experience

Pacific Place shopping centre in Seattle has coloured wash seven columns with groundbreaking fixtures enhancing the overall shopping mall experience for visitors by creating a unique atmosphere with low maintenance colour-changing fixtures, which can be activated for selective events.

With the Christmas season approaching, and the annual ‘Snow Show’ looming, he needed something innovative to grab the attention of passers by, and give the 15 year old retail center a fresh approach. Having worked on other projects at the site previously, the lighting specialists recommended seven of GLP’s pioneering LED fixture, the impression Spot One, to be installed in each of the mall’s seven columns.

Sheldon Warshaw, PNTA's Custom Services manager, explained that the Spot Ones were set up in such a way that they could light up the main atrium with colour, giving them a multipurpose functionality.  They will also be used for various events that take place in the atrium during the course of a year.

He confirmed that using the Spot One in this application provided a large number of advantages to both the installer and the shopping mall themselves, notably ease of installation and operation, along with the low maintenance required.

Sheldon said: “As the initial emphasis was for the ‘Snow Show’ the overall approach has been theatrical. We wanted to have moving lights on each of the seven columns, firing from the bottom up.  This way we could colour the columns and also shoot them out and down to cover the floor of the atrium.”

The bases for the fixtures to be bolted onto were created by the Pacific Place engineers.

Incorporating ground breaking LED technology, the fully featured impression Spot One had been the first fixture of its kind to appear on the market. By harnessing the raw power of numerous LED sources and running it through an advanced optical system GLP managed to create an even beam for RGB colour mixing and light distribution — offering versatility, while bringing service costs down to a minimum.

 GLP Inc’s Ed Cheeseman said: “We were, and still are, very impressed,” said Sheldon. “Aside from being easy to install, the quality of the colour and the brightness met all of our needs and the maintenance and low power usage were definitely big plusses. The fixtures’ response time is excellent which makes it very effective when changing colours and movement quickly.”   

And shoppers seem delighted with the theatrical look given to the general concourse during special events and public holidays, as the columns are brought to life.  This includes several fashion shows and colour theming in support of the local sports teams of the Seattle Mariners (Baseball) and the Seattle Seahawks (American Football), amongst other events.






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