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Martin Audio and the Extreme Dance Experience of Club Sound

What ingredients does a dance venue need in order to become the most technologically advanced in Bulgaria? How can Shoumen become the trendiest club destination in the country in the context of economical and political crisis?

The answers to these questions lie in Martin Audio’s advanced sound systems, coupled with the ambition of a team of professionals in the aforementioned city. It is they who have inspired a drastic change in local club life with the opening of Club Sound; still in its embryonic stage, this newest location meets all the requirements of an extreme experience in every respect.

The story begins in an old cinema, where intensive construction work had been taking place for more than six months to convert it into a modern centre of club culture.

The architecture, comprising a small and a large hall, enables the successful staging of events of various scales, and the audio visual equipment is cutting edge.

But what owner Svilen Dimitrov wanted more than anything was luxurious sound. He embraced the idea of a system consisting entirely of products by Martin Audio — similar to the best clubs in the world. “The choice of equipment was of paramount importance to the future of the club, which is why we invested in the best,” he said. “Over the past ten years Martin Audio has had the greatest number of successful club installations, including Ministry of Sound.”

Drawing on the Martin Audio heritage for accurate horn design and the legacy of the W8L series, the main system specified for the large hall comprises four W8VDQ loudspeakers, while the bass section consists of four WS218X. The system is fed by six two-way digital, microprocessor-controlled MA Series amplifiers, which in addition to their monstrous power and precise and detailed sound, are surprisingly compact and light weight.

The venue is also specified with industry-standard DJ equipment — with two Martin Audio Blackline F15+ loudspeakers providing DJ reference sound.

The visual effects are built based on LED lighting from 12 moving heads, eight scanners and 24 spotlights with a total luminous flux of 200,000 lumens in over 16,000,000 colours — along with classic one-metre disco ball and 4,000 mW Tarm multi-colour laser.

The smaller hall is on two levels, and offers lower sound pressure and more chilled music, but any compromise in sound quality was out of the question. Playback is via four Martin Audio AQ8’s and two low-frequency AQ212’s — powered by Martin Audio MA3.0 and MA2.0 amplifiers by the same manufacturer — with another highly specified DJ front end.
The French techno star DJ Maverickz, who appeared on the opening night, admitted to the Martin Audio distributors, Imperia AV that “the alchemy between sound and lights is extremely impressive,” while national club legend DJ Steven summarised the advantages of Martin Audio’s sound at Club Sound. “The characteristics of what was previously the best system in Bulgaria now fall way behind in comparison with the system here.”





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