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Clear-Com’s Tempest 2400 and Encore Simplify Production Management for Australian Theatre

Wireless and Party-line Intercoms Enable Minimal Staff to Stage High-Quality Productions

Clear-Com communications at Australia’s National Memorial Theatre. Clear-Com’s Tempest Wireless Intercom and Encore Analog Party-line Systems offer the theatre’s production crew members greater mobility and audio clarity, allowing each staff to more easily handle multiple job positions at one time.

The 783-seat National Memorial Theatre hosts performances from community and school groups as well as amateur and professional musical, theatre and dance groups. The majority of the events that take place at the venue are amateur productions, requiring a more hands-on approach by the professional staff. At the same time, the theatre typically runs skeleton crews to keep costs down for its clients. Clear-Com’s Tempest2400 and Encore intercoms, supplied by Jands Pty. Ltd., Clear-Com’s Australian Channel Partner, have provided a massive boost to the theatre’s workflow, enabling the crew to be anywhere and do anything without compromising productivity. The systems also permit the theatre to seamlessly integrate other intercom systems into its permanent Clear-Com setup, a capability that was previously impossible with its ageing intercom system.

“For any production, I might have the person running the lighting console during the show and then serve as the rigger after the performance. Similarly, the stage manager may also act as the flyman, while the floor electrician may also be a stagehand, among other double duties,” explained Mick Crozier, Production Manager and Head Technician at the National Theatre. “It’s important that we remain in contact, wherever we may be, so that we can stay abreast of any upcoming cues. I can’t tell you how much easier it is with Clear-Com because we’re able to move freely and talk with the production crew.”

Previously, on the larger shows, the single production channel was so cluttered with conversations that it was difficult for people to understand each other. The two-channel Tempest system provides two isolated communication paths to minimise the number of conversations on each channel. Lighting effects, follow-spots and floor electrics or audio, mic tech and the musical director speak on Channel A while all others are assigned to Channel B. Another useful feature of the Tempest system is the menu-lock function on the belt packs, preventing non-professional crew members from accidentally changing the settings during a performance.

The Tempest2400 BaseStation and Encore party-line main stations are installed at the stage manager’s desk. There is also an Encore speaker station in the stage office, which lets the theatre’s supervisor or tech on duty to monitor crew communications for any issues with a particular production. The theatre has also run a dual communications loop through the stage and auditorium, so wired belt packs can plug into either loop from just about anywhere.

“In a live production environment such as the National Theatre, where crew members are covering multiple positions, communication is critical to keep productions at a professional level,” said Peter Giddings, Clear-Com’s Senior Vice President, Global Events. “As the most comprehensive systems in the market, Clear-Com’s Tempest and Encore systems provide the crew with the right capabilities to make that happen.”





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