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Community R-Series does Double-Duty for CRC Football

Consumnes River College (CRC) is a community college in South Sacramento, California, USA. As a member of the Big 8 Conference in Northern California, CRC belongs to the California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA) and has an active physical education and athletics program including both Men’s and Women’s football.

In 2012, CRC expanded their program with a new baseball field. And, this spring, CRC completed two new football fields with back-to-back stands and a common press box that serves both fields.

As part of this expansion, CRC published an RFP (request for proposal) for sound systems for its new football fields. After considering several alternatives, they selected a design from Associated Sound of Sacramento using Community R-Series Loudspeakers.

Associated’s design uses two Community R.25-94TZ loudspeakers, located on each corner of the press box roof and aimed at the local stands. A single R.5COAX99T, located between the two R.25s, covers the visiting team’s seating on the opposite side of the field. The loudspeaker system is duplicated on the other side of the press box for the second football field.
To save money for their customer, Associated designed the system with a single electronics package using a multi-channel QSC amplifier, a Symetrix Jupiter 8 DSP that doubles as a mixer and a pair of Audio-Technica wireless microphone receivers. Game announcers control the system from simple wall plates on each side of the press box and have no reason to open the locked equipment rack except to access a storage drawer.
Associated engineer Dave Veden said, “The system can be heard clearly in the stands and across both fields. As we were finishing the job, the Dean of Physical Education asked if she could plug in her iPad to listen to the new system. She was very happy with the musical sound quality.”





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