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ADJ is a Cool Performer at Belgrade’s Hot Mess Club

It’s impossible for anything to be in two places at once, but that doesn’t mean a really cool place can’t be two things at once. If you have any doubts, take a look at one of the trendiest new spots in Belgrade’s entertainment scene – Hot Mess.

A modern structure that juts out into the River Sava, Hot Mess is a restaurant by day, but once the sun goes down and the stars come out, it transforms itself into a red hot nightclub with nonstop live performances by artists like Niki Belucci and Free Mason; dancing, a lighted pool party and tons and tons of beautiful people. Creating a destination that fills two roles so well required hard work and planning on the part of Hot Mess management – along with a little help from ADJ and the design team from Belgrade’s Light and Sound Design. 

Hot Mess management understood that to create a memorable nightclub, they needed a dazzling light show that stood out.  However, at the same time management also made it clear to Light and Sound Design that they did not want conspicuous lighting fixtures interfering with the clean, sleek look of their restaurant during the day. Complicating matters even further was the fact that there was limited AC power available for lighting in the Hot Mess building.

Light and Sound Design put together a lighting package from ADJ that allowed them to meet the challenges posed by Hot Mess in eye-popping fashion. Using eight Event Bar DMX LED pinspot X-Y Bars, two ADJ 4-Stage Paks LED RGB par cans and eight ADJ LED Par 64s, the designers were able to squeeze a dynamic, high-impact light show into single 10A outlet.

The new Hot Mess lighting system remains quiet and inconspicuous during the facility’s restaurant day hours. Then at night it cuts loose with the DMX programmable pin spots from the Event Bar highlighting key elements of the dance floor, pool and bar while the 4-Stage Paks and Par 64s bathe the entire area in a constantly changing rainbow of vibrant colours.

By focusing on one goal: to bring pure lighting excitement to any venue regardless of spatial, aesthetic or power-draw limitations, ADJ was able to help Hot Mess serve its dual role as a restaurant and nightclub.





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