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t&mSystems and Powersoft provide a 22,000 Watt Sound System

Leading Greek nightclub brand, "W", has transformed its club in Nafplio with a complete redesign and refurbishment, including a new sound system designed and installed by DN’A Systems.

The "W" club is a major draw in the area for those looking for a great summer club experience, with top DJs and organised parties.
The new sound system was designed by Aris Issaris of DN’A Systems, following discussions with club’s owners and a full site survey. The owner’s specification was for a very high-powered dance floor sound system with excellent sound quality, with additional good quality coverage throughout the venue
For the main PA Aris used six t&mSystems 2-way, 12-inch Unity 12 loudspeakers, arranged in two clusters of three, with four dual 18-inch Unity218 subs handling 16,000W to produce the massive low frequency power and impact the club demanded. A raised balcony over the perimeter of the site is covered by twelve t&mSystems 2-way, 8-inch XS8 together with four dual 10-inch XS10.2S subs.
To optimise the quality of the t&mSystems loudspeakers, and produce the maximum power, Aris chose Powersoft amplifiers throughout, with a K3 DSP driving the Unity12s and a K6 DSP driving the Unity218 subs. An M30D DSP drives the XS8s and an M14D DSP the XS10.2S subs. The system is processed by Powersoft’s Armonía Pro Audio Suite, which controls crossovers, delay lines, limiters, equalisation, damping control and Vrms output.
“Using t&mSystems and Powersoft has enabled us to deliver outstanding quality and sound levels that is truly impressive for the budget”, commented Aris. “W” is a quality, exciting club, with a sound system to match.”





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