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Washington State School Discovers Daktronics Automated Rigging Advantage

Audiences in Woodinville, Washington, will experience their 2013 opening performances at the new Woodinville High School Theatre equipped with Daktronics automated rigging system manufactured by Daktronics.

The new 450-seat theatre was part of a multi-phased building and renovation project. The high school is included in Seattle’s North-shore School District, well-known for its theatre productions and already operating a performing arts centre on one of its campuses. The challenge for the Woodinville school was how to equip the new facility: set it up for rehearsals and move to North-shore’s existing centre for actual productions or provide the Woodinville drama club its own well-equipped stage.

The school chose the latter and equipped the stage with 21 Vortek Classic hoists and a Pro Series control system. “Like most schools, maximising the efforts of technical directors is crucial. That’s where our Pro Series automated hoist system is a perfect fit,” recalled Mike Hyde, Daktronics rigging sales. “Our system can operate with minimal staff while still providing professional capabilities.”

Paul Lunstford, ASTC, LC, of PLA Designs was the consultant for the project. “We knew the intuitive Pro Series system with its safety interlocks and record of dependability made the Daktronics rigging equipment a good choice for the district, said Paul. “They could spend capital dollars rather than operating dollars and still create repeatable settings without the burden of extra staff.”    

Hjalmer Anderson, the TD at North-shore Performing Arts Centre said, “We installed the new automated rigging system for safety sake. It is very efficient and has wonderful safety features built in. We were looking for a system that would take care of its rigging needs and the new Vortek system does that.”





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