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Barroco Extends Vietnam’s Love Affair with Martin Audio

Clubs in Vietnam have reportedly become so taken with Martin Audio sound systems that some believe it has become an automatic passport for filling their venues.

One such nightspot, the 900-capacity Barocco Club in Ho Chi Minh City, is living proof of that.

After suffering a serious fire back in May this year, the club decided to make a clean start by commissioning Duc Proaudio Co. Ltd — the official distributor of Martin Audio in Vietnam — to redesign the entire sound system and rev up its essentially electronic music mix.

Duc Proaudio Co. Ltd is widely experienced in club sound systems and over the years has achieved tremendous success — particularly with Martin Audio systems. The Barocco Club refit had to be carried out on a tight time scale as it was scheduled to reopen just 90 days after the fire. And of these, only 65 days were available for the design and installation of the entire sound system.

The new system deployed includes 12 Blackline H3+ full range loudspeakers and 12 Blackline S218+ subwoofers. Amplifiers consist of six MA5.2K, two MA6.8Q, two MA2.8Q — with the DX2 dedicated signal processor.

The system is also integrated with Midas Venice U16 console, Klark Teknik SquareONE Dynamics Processor and DSP Xilica to handle signal for DJ monitor speakers.

Duc Proaudio Co. Ltd Director, Pham Duy Duc, recalled that when the club originally caught fire, club owner Chau Nhut Do had immediately contacted him to work on the new system. “Mr. Do has been doing business in the entertainment industry for many years,” he said. “He understands the importance of choosing well-known international brands, even when the market is in a bad state economically. That’s why our company was chosen to be the system designer.”

DJ Quoc, a respected DJ in Ho Chi Minh City added his endorsement. “I have performed in many clubs around the city and noticed that all clubs with Martin Audio sound systems seem to be constantly crowded,” he said. “I can feel the clean, natural, powerful — but never noisy — sound produced by Martin Audio. This system really inspires me and I think audiences also have the same feeling.”





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