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QSC Loudspeakers Scale New Heights in Lebanon

While ski-ing may not be a sport readily associated with Lebanon, the country is in fact home to the highest mountains in the Middle East, and is home to several fully equipped resorts.

The recent refurbishment of Le 1700 restaurant in fAQRA has seen the installation of a QSC sound system based on K and KW Series active loudspeakers, courtesy of Beirut-based QSC distributor Techno Sound.

Situated at an altitude of 1,700-metres, Le 1700 is a French restaurant that also features live music and dancing. "We were asked to provide some speakers for a live test as part of the complete refurbishment of the restaurant," explained Pierre Fahed of Techno Sound. "The PA had to be suitable for the playback of recorded lounge music suitable for quiet dining, but also for the amplification of live music for dancing."

Six K10 loudspeakers, two K12 loudspeakers, six KW122 loudspeakers and five KW181 subwoofers were installed at Le 1700 over the course of two days for the 2013 ski-ing season. "The guys at Le 1700 have been very pleased with their choice," said Pierre. "I think the sound quality of the QSC loudspeakers won them over; they liked how the speakers sounded when running quiet and loud."





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