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GC Pro Supply Lighting to Dave & Buster’s

Guitar Center Professional, the outside sales division of Guitar Center, has recently supplied lighting components to Dave & Buster’s, a leading chain of restaurants / entertainment centres.

Each Dave & Buster’s has a full-service restaurant and a video arcade, and the company has nearly 70 locations across the United States and one in Canada.

GC Pro was chosen to supply key lighting systems for upgrades to existing Dave & Buster’s USA store locations in Oklahoma City, Boston,  Dallas, Boise and Idaho.

In addition, Small Pocket Poets, a member of GC Pro’s affiliates program, which matches client projects with the best audio / video / lighting systems integrators in their areas, has also been involved in several of these installations.

Our relationship with Dave & Buster’s began in December 2011, when Fred Hennighausen, Dave & Buster’s Director of New Store Openings, and I talked about their ideas for the lighting in their Oklahoma City store,” explained David Almanza, Sales Associate at GC Pro’s office there.

“That turned out extremely well, and we next applied those same ideas to their Boston location as well. Since then, we’ve done both interior and exterior lighting for the new Dallas and Boise locations.”   

Kyle Bartel, Owner of  Small Pocket Poets, said: ”GC Pro’s amazing depth of inventory and knowledge is a huge plus for companies like Dave & Buster’s." He added: "There are also the less obvious things that mean a lot, like GC Pro’s relationships with manufacturers, which leads to up-to-the-minute product knowledge and a deeper level of support.”





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