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Mina Covers Sonic Subtleties for Polish Musical Theatre

The 900-seat Musical Theatre Roma in Warsaw, Poland, has installed Meyer Sound Mina line array loudspeakers to support its repertoire of musical productions.

Designed and supplied by Warsaw-based Polsound, the new system was installed in the historic, early 20th Century auditorium just prior to the opening of its latest production, Singing in the Rain.

“Our goal for many years has been to install a Meyer Sound system, and we simply love it,” said Wlodek Kowalczyk, the venue’s Principal Sound Engineer. “The Mina system delivers sparkling definition, and a dynamic range that covers all the subtleties of sound in musical theatre. It responds to what I wish to achieve, without compromises.”

The main FOH system comprises 28 Mina loudspeakers, which include twin left and right hangs of 11 each and a center cluster of six. Four 1100-LFC low-frequency control elements are deployed as dual end-fired arrays. Completing the system are eight UPM-1P loudspeakers for front fill, two UPA-1P loudspeakers for corner fill, and a Galileo loudspeaker management system with two Galileo 616 processors for system drive and alignment.

Polsound has also provided 24 channels of Shure ULX-D digital wireless microphones and a Shure PSM 900 in-ear monitoring system. “The new Mina system fits the venue perfectly,” said Pawel Danikiewicz, Commercial Director for Polsound.

Since introduced in 2010, the Mina loudspeaker has won rapid acceptance in Poland. In addition to Musical Theatre Roma, Polsound has recently installed other Mina systems at Malopolski Ogrod Sztuki (Garden of Art in Malopolska) in Cracow, CK Zamek (Poznan Castle) in Poznan, and Teatr Studio in Warsaw.





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