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Symetrix Installation at Czech University

Audio, digital and systems integrator APS have provided the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communications, Brno University, Czech Republic, with a Symetrix audio processing system.

Established in 1899, Brno University of Technology has evolved over the ensuing century to become one of the Czech Republic’s leading universities.

The scale of the installation was truly immense and encompassed 12 lecture halls with capacities ranging from 75 to 200 seats, along with many other smaller lecture rooms.

“The volume and acoustics of the room are everything but standard, and yet a perfect coverage and intelligibility had to be achieved,” said Michal Zeman of Audio Digital.

Modular in nature, SymNet Edge provides both the 48-channel digital audio matrix required today and the ability to scale up in the future should the need arise. The Symetrix DSP – which is integrated into the auditorium’s overall cue control system – is also advantageous to the teaching staff, who do not necessarily have extensive operational skills.

“The choice of Symetrix really paid off here, too, as on one hand it offers user-friendly features such as automixing, and on the other allows external access to every single parameter needed,” said Michal.
Carefully finetuning the Symetrix system to optimise the acoustics, Michal and collaborators deployed AFMG’s EASE software to produce a loudspeaker design based around TOA line arrays and Dynacord subwoofers.
Symetrix technology is by no means restricted to the main auditorium, however: two of the other lecture rooms feature SymNet Solus 16 standalone DSP units, while audio in ten smaller spaces is driven by Zone Mix 761 devices.





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