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Meyer Tailor Acoustics at Antelope Valley College

Antelope Valley College’s Performing Arts Theatre in Lancaster, California, is using a Meyer Sound Constellation acoustic system to support its schedule of events.

At the press of a button, venue operators can adapt the auditorium’s acoustical characteristics to suit performances for the resident Antelope Valley Symphony Orchestra, Shakespeare plays and opera.

“Constellation’s effect is often subtle, but when applied in just the right amount, it is very effective and sounds remarkably natural,” said David Newby, Artistic Director and Conductor for the resident Antelope Valley Symphony Orchestra and Master Chorale.

The audio system in the theatre incorporates Constellation and sound reinforcement. Both of these systems are driven by Meyer Sound’s D-Mitri digital audio platform, which features the patented VRAS acoustical algorithm.

Constellation uses 16 miniature cardioid microphones distributed on stage and throughout the room, in addition to 14 Stella-4C and 29 Stella-8C installation loudspeakers and four UMS-SM subwoofers.

CQ-2 and UPQ-2P loudspeakers, UPJ-1P VariO loudspeakers, and a 700-HP subwoofer are used for both sound reinforcement and Constellation. Constellation lateral and overhead loudspeakers are matrixed by D-Mitri for theatrical sound as well.

Passive and active acoustic systems were specified by acoustical consultant Roger Noppe of Chatsworth, California-based Purcell-Noppe Associates and installed by Sound Image of Escondido.





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