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MLA Mini at Spar Annual Conference

The MLA Mini took on the the annual conference of the retail giant Spar, the venue was Westpoint, Exeter, UK.

Whilst Westpoint offers acres of space for trucks, and therefore easy load in, the venue itself, originally designed for the trading of Devon’s finest livestock, is known for having a reverberation time of at least 7 seconds.

With MLA and MLA Compact having taken on and tamed some of the most challenging spaces in the globe, MLA Mini had an enviable reputation to uphold.

Armed with 24 brand new MLA Mini, six MSX subwoofers and three flying frames, the challenge fell to FoH Engineer, Simon Honywill, and Applications Engineer for Martin Audio, Andy Davies.

The system was deployed in three hangs, with two main remits – one
was full range, intelligible coverage of speech and music for the seated
conference area at one end of the hall, and the other was coverage of the entire hall for general announcements throughout an exhibition – measuring approximately 80-metres x 50-metres.

Simon was enthusiastic in his praise and said: “I would go so far as to say that Westpoint has never sounded so good. It was actually gorgeous
to behold. This little system has something that I have never heard in a
small format line array before – real depth and control across the entire
spectrum, and a genuine ability to throw some distance. There was loads of gain before feedback, and I was actually enjoying the very simple task of mixing a little playback, speech and VT.”

Indeed, MLA Mini exhibited all the qualities of the ideal system for any organisation involved in the corporate world. Apart from sounding really
beautiful, it flies, it goes on a stand, it’s light, it’s small, it looks really tidy and you can guarantee great coverage and masses of gain before feedback.

“Problem voices will be a thing of the past as you can open up mics like never before, even with some of the top end conventional small format systems. I would recommend it to anybody who takes their corporate work seriously,” concluded Simon.





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