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Incognit, Les Franqueses

January / February 2009

Forty minutes from Barcelona, north of Granollers, the town of Les Franqueses has its own thriving club scene to which Incognit is the latest – and largest - addition.

Located on an industrial estate on the outskirts of the town, owners Guillem Soler, Jordi Galcerán and Gerard Guerra have taken the shell of a standard factory unit and turned it into a destination club for the 25-35 crowd.

The black box of a building has been carved up into two rooms, one playing commercial hits, the other a mix of the best quality House tunes around. Both rooms have their own DJ booth and so much bar space, it’s hard to imagine any thirsty clubbers having long to wait for refreshment. The walls and ceiling comprise continuous bands of colour weaving around each other like a recti-linear three-dimensional etch-a-sketch.

With over 12 years of experience in the club market, the Soler, Galcerán and Guerra knew the importance of a decent sound and lighting system and called upon Carles Xandri of installation company Xandri Brothers to help make the selection. Xandri was familiar with QSC and had been impressed by their performance in another club install. After comparing a selection of brands in situ, the owners agreed that QSC was the way to go. 

The larger of the two rooms features six powered QSC  HPR181i (18-inch) subs with six active HPR152i tops. The (slightly) smaller room has a similar setup with eight subs and four tops. A QSC DSP 322ua processor allows the club the flexibility to channel music in any way they wish. Controlled over an Ethernet network using QSC’s Venue Manager software, the DSP 322ua is fully configurable. Storing up to eight signal flow design configurations with nearly unlimited snapshot parameter recall, the DSP 322ua can fit any application. And with all data stored in the device memory, files can be uploaded from the unit to multiple computers without complications.

In the case of Incognit, this means the whole club can listen to the output from either of the DJ booths, as well as operating entirely separately. Offering total flexibility when organizing events.
Unusually for the summer period, when Spanish clubbers head to the beach bars to enjoy the summer gloam, Incognito has been at full capacity since it opened in June. Riding a wave of success the team stayed open throughout the traditionally fallow period.


20 x Prolight LT-757 moving head; 1 x Korg KAOS Pad

CLUB: 1 x QSC DSP 322ua processor
ROOM 1:  6 x QSC HPR181i powered subs; 6 x QSC HPR152i tops; 2 x  QSC HPR122i DJ monitor 2 x Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3; 2 x Technics SL-1200 turntable; 1x Rodec MX180 MKIII mixer
ROOM 2: 4 x QSC HPR181i powered subs; 8 x QSC HPR152i tops; 2 x  QSC HPR122i DJ monitor1 x Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3; 2 x Technics SL-1200 turntable; 1x Rodec MX180 MKIII mixer





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