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In Box

Ljubljana, Slovenia

From the exterior you would never believe that In Box in Ljubljana, Slovenia is one of the hottest nightclub of the moment. But this is the one everyone is talking about and once inside you can begin to see why.

The entrance corridor is littered with the usual suspects: the cloakroom and the toilets, (appropriately named Outbox labelled with the symbols for male and female attached to the second ‘o’). Through a door on the left you are greeted by a large illuminated bar which is located in the centre of the bar area. Adjacent to this is the main dance floor which holds four custom built Martin Audio systems, each comprising two prototype passive versions of the ASX subwoofer, two AS118 and two AM404.

In addition there are eight F12s from the Blackline range: a couple flown over the dance floor and the other placed in and around the bar area. Two further AM906 horns have been fitted to help control the sound dispersion.

The design brief for In Box was “to create something new for the club scene that was not just a discothèque. We wanted to cater for big events including live performances and electronic music events,” says General Manager Bramko Kostadinov. “The main complication we had during the install was the lack of time to complete it - we literally had a couple of months - but all the hard work paid off as we now have an amazing sound system, this is definitely the best thing about the club for me,” he continues.

KSL (Konic Sound and Light) completed the recent install, Director Boštjan Konic is extremely pleased with Martin Audio system and the 2000 capacity club as a whole, and he believes it is definitely a serious contender for the best club in Slovenia. Konic worked closely with the whole team at In Box but was given some responsibility for selecting the right equipment for the job, due to his extensive experience in the installation industry. With the new Martin Audio ASX subwoofer due for it’s official release early in 2009. Konic was eager to have the prototype passive version of the subs (which actually deliver only half what the full ASX will be capable of), to create a unique sound amongst Slovenian nightclubs.

Owner Izidor Velencei said: “SubSub was my first nightclub project and this too is located in Ljubljana. It has been open for about eight years now and is equipped with a Martin Audio Blackline system. I now rent it out to a DJ technician who has moved things around slightly to cater for live bands at the weekends. I needed a new project to get stuck into and that’s when In Box came along.”

The music style is very mixed; there is something to suit everybody, from pop to rock. Saturdays are usually electronic nights; Thursdays and Fridays have a mixed play list. DJ Umek, the best known DJ in Slovenia played at In Box on their opening night and now has a residency at the club. In Box’s main disc jockey is DJ Rusty (real name Jernej Rostan), he frequents the decks on many an occasion and recently celebrated his birthday during a session at the club.

Customers and press who have visited In Box have come up
with their very own slogan for the club: ‘The Temple of Sound’. The acclaimed name refers to the immense impact of the Martin Audio system which satisfies its clientele night after night and offers them an exclusive experience.

Martin Audio’s Export Sales Manager Martin Kelly described the experience of standing in the centre of the dance floor as “simply brilliant, you can feel the sub bass shaking you the whole way down.”
Events Manager Jaka Meden (also known as DJ Jaka) who organises many of the major events that the club hosts, as well as DJing there himself on a number of occasions said: “I have experienced Martin Audio products before in previous business ventures and I was very impressed with the capabilities and quality of the equipment. It was a no brainer to choose these products again for In Box.”

The lighting focal point in the club is the huge LED wall, which is the backdrop of the main stage where acts perform on a live night. The In Box logo is also projected onto the wall from the DJ booth, which is located on a balcony opposite the stage.

A huge lighting rig covers the dance floor, which includes Clay Paky MiniScan HPE’s, DTS XR8 moving heads and Martin Professional MX-10 Extremes and Atomic Strobe. The lighting complements the sound systems to a tee with the moving heads highlighting the most important audio element - the dance floor .

To complete the full technical experience In Box also offers its customers a VJing session, with seven plasma’s scattered around the venue visualizing both still and moving images dependant upon the evenings event and its play list.

The next venture for the four guys (Kostadinov, Velencei, Rostan and Meden) is BTC, a venue in a sports café which they will be starting early in 2009. The BTC is intended for Slovenia sports stars but they are hoping to attract some from Europe and the States as well.
For now though they are putting all their efforts into making In Box a success and if the opening couple of months are anything to go by they’re sure to have no problems at all.


6 x DTS XR8 Spot; 4 x DTS XR8 Wash; 4 x ClayPaky MiniScan HPE; 4 x Martin Professional MX-10 Extreme; 10 x Par64 1000W; 10 x Par56 300W; 1 x Martin Professional ATOMIC strobo 3kW; 2 x LPS LASER BAX 600 RGY; 110 x LED RGB 20cm BACKWALL; 408 x LED RGB interier; 35 x LED RGB Par36; 4 x LED PowerPack DMX512; 3 x SGM PowerPack

8 x Martin Audio prototype passive version of the ASX ; 8 x Martin Audio AS118 (custom made); 8 x Martin Audio AM404 (custom made); 2 x Martin Audio AM906 (custom made); 8 x SUPER HIGH sp. (custom made); 8 x Martin Audio F12; 1 x QSC 1600W; 1 x QSC 2400W; 2 x Martin Audio F12; 2 x Martin Audio MA18k; 2 x Martin Audio MA12k; 5 x Crest Audio PRO9200; 2 x XTA DP448 processor limiter; 6 x Crown amps; 2 x QSC 1600
DJ BOOTH: 1 x Pioneer DJM800; 1 x Pioneer DJM600; 1 x Ecler nuo3; 5 x Technics MK2; 2 x Pioneer CDJ1000 mk3; 2 x Pioneer CDJ200

3 x 50’ Plazma; 4x 60’ Plazma; 1 x Projector

1 x Martin JEM33 Fog Machine; 1 x alu ring 8 x 6m with 4 x chain hoist





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