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Babyface Redesigned with Uniline

APG distributor BVCAM specified a Uniline D system for the main room of the iconic club Babyface, Beijing - the first Uniline installation in China.

One of the city’s biggest and most exclusive clubs, Babyface remains an icon of the Beijing nightlife scene, despite fierce competition from a number of major clubs in the area. Originally opened in 2004, Babyface was completely refurbished and equipped with an APG SMX15-based soundsystem in 2011.

2013 has seen another full redesign, inside and out including a brand new APG sound system. Along with the Uniline D system in the main room, there are new DX12 and DX15 delays throughout the club with bass reinforcement coming from a number of TB118's and SB115 subwoofers.
BVCAM’s Beijing installation specialist, John Who, with the support of APG’s Mathieu Delquignes, supplied and installed two clusters of Uniline D comprising two UL115 and three UL210D cabinets per-side.

The original SMX15s are used for DJ monitoring and sidefill. Low frequency reinforcement is provided by four TB218S subwoofers under the DJ booth. In all, including the karaoke rooms and other spaces throughout the club, there are over 30 speakers around the venue.
“The client specifically requested a system that would not only deliver high SPLs with lots of deep and powerful infrabass, but the sound needed to be clean and distortion-free throughout the frequency range,” said John.
“I’m particularly proud of this installation,” said APG’s Mathieu Delquignies, who assisted with final tuning and commissioning of the system. “It’s not a typical application for Uniline, but it does a fantastic job – better even than most dedicated club systems, proving once again that Uniline really is the most modular and versatile system on the market today.”





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