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Chroma-Q Color Force at the National Theatre

Emil and the Detectives required Lighting Designer Lucy Carter to transform the National Theatre's Olivier Stage into 1920s Berlin.

Utilising the subtle colours and theatrical grade dimming of Chroma-Q’s Color Force 48 and 72 premium performance LED battens. Lucy - a respected lighting designer with an eclectic 20-year career - has specified 12 Color Force 72 1.8m / 72-inch and six Color Force 48 1.2m / 48-inch length fixtures to wash numerous scenic elements softly and evenly, evoking the atmosphere of the play’s period.

All of the Color Force units are rigged overhead between a series of portals to wash down in subtle colours. They create a full wash and also work in smaller sections to create a ‘broken up’ coverage.

"For me, the best thing about the Color Force battens is the array of colour options, allowing me to wash the stage with sweeping colour that’s both powerful and beautiful," said Lucy.

"Most importantly, they have the ability to emit these colours in a very subtle way, which is something, if I’m honest, I didn’t expect from LED lighting."

Lucy's visual design is a striking contrast, referencing black and white silent movies and the bright neon lights of 1929 Berlin. The daytime scenes offer the cold monotony of life in Berlin’s busy city streets.

The Color Force battens are designed to deliver the highest grade of light output, offering custom optical design which provides a smooth, even light output with outstanding colour blend across the spectrum - for equally impressive bold saturates, subtle pastels and a complete range of whites from 1,000K to 10,000K.

Chroma-Q’s LED selection, combined with the company’s advanced ColorSure technologies, provides meticulous colour consistency between fixtures in any situation. In addition, through batch control and careful thermal management, fixtures deliver the same colour results during any period of operation.

The National Theatre is promoting Emil and the Detectives - written by Erich Kastner and adapted by Carl Miller - as its ‘big new adventure’.

The run is currently scheduled into the Spring of 2014.

Lucy concluded: "Having been given the opportunity to use the Color Force fixtures on Emil, I can now utterly understand how they can be a useful and a powerful creative tool for theatrical lighting designers."





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