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Rosco Immerses Visitors of Copenhagen’s Blue Planet

Using Rosco’s X24 Effects Projector, Lighting Designer Jesper Garde Kongshaug brought the swirling waters of the ocean to Copenhagen’s new Blue Planet Aquarium.

The design goal of The Blue Planet, Denmark’s new national aquarium, was to make the aquarium’s visitors feel like they had entered the world of the sea surrounding it.

Using Rosco’s X24 Effects Projector, Lighting Designer Jesper Garde Kongshaug created a realistic and controllable water effect to accomplish that goal as he projected that effect throughout the vast concourse areas inside the aquarium.

Aquariums are filled with the ethereal, wavy effect of light shining through or reflecting off of the various pools and tanks of water in their exhibits. Copenhagen’s new Blue Planet Aquarium wanted to incorporate those effects into its 'swirling water' inspired design to bring the visitors 'into the world of the fish and the life they live under the sea'. Lighting designer Jesper Garde Kongshaug knew that, in order to immerse the visitors in an underwater experience, he would need to generate his own reflected water effect.

Over 40 Rosco DMX-controlled X24 Effect Projectors were installed throughout the building’s 53 aquariums, which gave Kongshaug complete control of the speed, direction and coverage of the projected water effects he created. Working with Rosco’s colour lab, he created a custom dichroic colour wheel that slowly circulated the blue, green and cyan colours Kongshaug chose to emulate the Kastrup Harbour outside the aquarium’s walls.

Jesper Kongshaug’s stunning lighting design brings the swirling waters of the sea inside the aquarium to accomplish the immersive vision of the design. He chose Rosco’s X24 to make The Blue Planet’s visitors feel like they are in the water with sea animals from around the world.





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