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Dubai, UAE

19.2 January / February 2009

The Greek infused Alpha club with marble floors, high ceiling and engraved columns is not your average setting for a hot new club, but the converted Greek restaurant has become just that and is suitably called...Alpha.

Alpha is located within the grounds of Le Meridian Dubai Hotel and is surrounds by acres of luxuriant gardens. It has a phenomenal capacity, holding 600 on the ground floor where the main dance floor is located, plus an outdoor area attached to the side. The mezzanine level is home to three VIP rooms and above that is the VIP roof terrace which provide a 180º view of the dancefloor below.

The whole venue has been completely transformed using a state of the art Funktion One system and minimalistic lighting.

Alpha is the second club to be fitted out by AMB Group in recent months. Again it was Director Peter James who headed up the install, he comments, “Alpha’s owners wanted a world class club sound system, which required far greater levels than 360º. We used four Res2A’s and a 212 Bass which we focussed on the dance floor with F88’s used for fill to ensure clarity in all areas off the dance floor. Alpha was also intended to be a much more flexible system, with a wide variety of music styles and even live acts.”

The venue hosts three main function nights: ‘See You Next Tuesday’ includes tunes from genres such as soul, funk, hip hop, breaks, indie, and nu-rave; Thursday nights are ‘Cognito’ and ‘Incognito’ (first welcomes deep/progressive/tech International house music DJ’s and the latter plays out jazz, drum & bass, break beat, leftfield and electro house music); Fridays are ‘MoJo’ nights, which start early with down tempo chilled out beats, followed by live music from Dubai’s Mike Ross. Later in the evening clubbers can enjoy a combination of the resident DJ line-up and international guest DJs.

Newdawn’s Mike Bufton teamed up with James again on this project but all those involved knew from the beginning that Alpha would throw up a heap of challenges. Bufton’s main obstacle was working with the architecture of the space, his job was to “evaluate different sound systems, and most importantly make sure the acoustics of the room were dealt with by a pro,” to ensure the sound worked accordingly with the acoustics. Bufton continues, “we gave the job of treating the acoustics to Tikendra Singh of Acoustic Research Labs based in Delhi - he instantly highlighted the problem areas and offered solutions to counteract the reverb - it’s a dramatically shaped room with encoves, arches, pillars and a domed ceiling. Add to that the floor being marble! As usual running the cables proved a little troublesome, but the guys got round it with diligence and the good old fashioned autocad drawings!”

The main system is powered by Funktion One amplifiers, crossovers and DJ Mixers, the system has a vast capacity and will, even under the most demanding conditions, appear to be effortlessly producing extremely high SPL. The remainder of the venue is kitted out with Funktion One F88’s for fills, F81’s outdoors at the entrance to the club, and on the roof terrace, which is used for private functions, is its very own system made up of two Funktion One AX88’s and a F118 bass, again powered by Funktion One amplifiers. James gives credit to the DJs and the way in which they use the kit. “They are absolute pro’s and are really enjoy using the system and are always working hard to ensure they play music that brings the system to life,” he comments. “The system sound gorgeous, it really digs deep and has a huge amount of energy, it gets right inside you, and brings a smile to my face every time I hear it.”

Co-owner of Alpha and CEO of Newdawn, Alex Braken, has always been interested in the entertainment industry, he started off in restaurants and bars, progressively moving into nightclubs. Being CEO of Newdawn has a mixed effect when it comes to Alpha, he says. “Of course the advantages outweigh the disadvantages several times over namely experience. The only drawback in being a promoter yourself is it sometimes scares other promoters away, they feel they don’t have a chance to work with us, but we are very open minded about Alpha.”

Concerning the lighting design, Braken was keen to keep it simple and wanted to avoid hanging lights from the ceiling so as not to take away the classic style and vibrant décor which interior designer Julie Johnsen had created. James’ solution was to “install four Abstract AVR flush mount scanners, which are virtually unnoticeable but provide the movement and colour they needed in the club. We also replaced a lot of existing halogen downlights with AVR LU3 RGD downlights, which are fitted into the original fittings and achieve a great result.” Some additional lighting is planned in the not so distant future including a high definition, custom build LED structure to sit flush in the large dome above the dance floor.

Braken is looking forward to a bright future at Alpha. He says, “We have a world class sound system that will allow us to attract leading DJs from all over the world to our club and a venue that sets new standards in the UAE.”


4 x Abstract AVR flush mount scanner; Abstract AVR LU3 RGD downlight

DANCE FLOOR: 4 x Funktion One Res 2A; 1 x Funktion One 221 bass; 1 x Funktion One E45 amp; 1 x FF600L DJ mixer; 1 x Funktion One XO1; 1 x Bi Amp NEXIA-SP; 1 x Pioneer DJM1000; 4 x Pioneer CDJ1000 Mk3
DJ MONITORS: 4 x Funktion One F88; 4 x Bose WBP5; 2 x QSC ISA450 amp
ROOF TERRACE: 2 x Funktion One AX88W; 1 x Funktion One F118WR Mk2; 1 x Funktion One E15 amp; 1 x Funktion One E25 bass; 1 x Funktion One XO1; 1 x Pioneer DJM600; 1 x Pionner EFX1000; 2 x Pioneer CDJ1000 Mk3
GROUND FLOOR: 2 x Funktion One F88; 1 x QSC ISA450 amp
ENTRANCE: 2 x Funktion One F81; 1 x QSC ISA450 amp
BATHROOMS: 2 x Bose FS3FW bass; 4 x Bose FS3FC Sat; 1 x QSC ISA450 amp





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