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Le Poisson Rouge

New York, USA

19.2 January / February 2009

The Village Gate, Greenwich Village, New York was a fully functional club run by Art D’Lugoff from the fifties right through to the nineties and over those four decades it opened its doors to many well-known musicians and entertainers.

Today it has new owners who have transformed the venue and pulled it into the 21st century.

The club has taken on a new name, Le Poisson Rouge (LPR), and is used as a multi-functional venue for a hosts of events including live musical gigs, theatrical performances and cabarets. Taking care of the clubs audio is the newly installed sound system by Meyer Sound.

LPR comprises two stages, two bars and two VIP seating areas and can entertain 800 people at full capacity. The second stage is portable and rolls out from beneath the main stage. Not only does it provide more space for an individual act, but it also allows the performer to interact with the audience. The stage has a great diversity, it can be formed as a half circle, a full circle or as a fashion runway.

Co-owners Justin Kantor and David Handler chose a company with 40 years of industry experience - The Walters/Storyk Design Group - to make their dreams for the club come true. Duo John Storyk and Beth Walters worked on the project together, with Storyk inputting the acoustic and architectural aspects while Walters is the designer of the pair.

Storyk said: “The space presented a number of challenges, particularly with columns fixed in not particularly convenient places, which increased the challenge of the surround sound installation. Space is always at a premium in NYC. We had just 3,882 sq. ft. available for the performance area.”

David Kotch of WSDG worked closely with Paul Klimson of Masque Sound, together they installed the sound system for the club. Kotch comments, “LPR is not one club, but three, and it required five specific speaker configurations.” The main system was a self-powered Meyer Sound system which features a main array of 11 M’elodie™ line array loudspeakers positioned over the stage, along with a ring of five additional M’elodie™ loudspeakers, eight M1D line array loudspeakers, and numerous UPJ-1P VariO™ and self-powered MM-4XP miniature loudspeakers, all strategically hung on a custom I-beam rack system. Low end is handled by an assortment of 700-HP and 600-HP subwoofers.

A further Surround Sound system is also required as Kotch explains, “Because LPR is a live performance space rather than a home listening environment, it required a 5.4 Surround environment. Fortunately, Masque Sound has been doing multi-channel installs for Broadway musicals for years. Their level of expertise for this project was invaluable.”

Le Poisson Rouge is the first club in New York to have a Digidesign Profile Venue Console Mix Rack installed. Klimson says, “This is a great desk and because it’s self-contained and has no external rack, it was a perfect fit for the club’s limited space.”

WSDG Designer and Project Manager Joshua Morris and Interior Design Project Manager Kathlyn Boland were in charge of the architectural lighting design. They worked alongside contractors HVAC, engineer Marcy Ramos and company system integration specialist Judy Elliot-Brown. Morris comments: “Virtually everything in the club is custom...Due to the unique nature of the club there weren’t many ‘off the shelf’ items that would lend themselves to the space. The result is...ultimately more satisfying because it does not and can not exist anywhere else.”

Theatre Consultant Josephine Marquez of ETC designed the theatrical lighting. She intregrated an ETC Unison system with Master Control LCD station, preset and entry stations to control the architectural lighting and incorporated a series of ETC Source 4 ellipsoidals with different lens configurations; ETC Source 4 ParCans and PARNels with Wybron Color Scrollers, as well as 10-VL2500 Spot fixtures for effect lighting during performances.

Walters worked closely with furniture/graphic designer Carlos Andrade to create the desired look for the club, they selected a dominate black and red combo as their theme and developed this throughout to produce a chic and stylish design. This was not just a case of choosing the right décor, they also had to ensure it slotted together with the lighting and audio designs.

Kantor says of the finished club: “Virtually every artist who’s appeared on stage here, from Rickie Lee Jones to Simone Dinnerstein, Matmos, and Mos Def has remarked about the quality of the sound. They love playing here, and they love the vibe. Audiences have been equally enthusiastic.”

Storyk is extremely pleased with the final result as he comments, “The Village Gate was the club I hit on my first trip to Greenwich Village back in the Sixties. I spent many unforgettable evenings there listening to some of the greatest jazz artists who ever gigged. How cool would it be for Le Poisson Rouge to enjoy an equally long and illustrious run?”
“It’s the Lamborghini of clubs,” says Klimson.


192 x ETC sensor dimmers; ETC Ion Console; ETC Unison system; ETC Source 4 ellipsoidals (Source 4 ParCans and PARNels with Wybron Color Scrollers, & 10-VL2500 Spot fixtures); Xenon fixtures (step light, back light, wall light, picture light, mini light, globe light); LED (step light, brick light, globe light, refelctive light)

2 x Meyer Sound G616; 16 x Meyer Sound M’elodie; 8 x Meyer Sound M1D; 2 x Meyer Sound 700-HP; 2 x Meyer Sound 600-HP; 2 x Meyer Sound M1D-Sub; 7 x Meyer Sound UPJ-1P; 5 x Meyer Sound MM-4XP; 1 x Meyer Sound MPS-488; 6 x Meyer Sound UPJunior; 3 x Meyer Sound UMS-1P; 1 x Yamaha DME64; 2 x Yamaha DME8iES (Machine Room & 2 Bars); 1 x Yamaha DME4ioES (Stage & Annex Bar); 1 x Yamaha DME8oES (Annex Bar); 1 x Yamaha MY16AE AES/EBU i/o card; 1 x Yamaha MY16-ES64 Ethersound Card; 1 x Yamaha MY16-EX Ethersound Expansion Cards; 1 x Yamaha MY8ADDA96-CA; 3 x Yamaha CP4SF; 1 x Yamaha M7CL-48; 1 x Yamaha MY8-AE-CA AES/EBU Output Card; 1 x Yamaha M7CL PSU; 4 x Denon DN-631 CD Player; 1 x Denon CDR632 CD Recorder; APC 1500 Smart UPS; 8 x L’ Acoustics 112XP; 1 x L’ Acoustics SB15P; 1 x Digidesign VENUE D-Show Profile™ Mix Rack System





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