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Game Seven Grill Opens to Championship Sound with Community

Game Seven Grill, Arizona, USA has undergone a major renovation including new seating, championship décor and a Community sound and video system.

Game Seven Grill is a barbecue restaurant located in the Gila River Casinos Plaza at Chase Field, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team. With a name that evokes the D-Backs Championship victory in Game Seven of the 2001 World Series, Game Seven Grill’s casual atmosphere and family-friendly style are reflected in its interior design which builds on the brick and open-beam architecture of the building.
Before opening in March of 2013, Game Seven underwent a renovation including new seating, décor and a new sound and video system featuring Community CP6 pendant loudspeakers for the interior and R.25-94T loudspeakers for the Grill’s outdoor plaza seating.
Game Seven’s sound and video systems were designed and installed by Parsons Technologies of Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Mark Schultz, Systems Engineer, designed the systems at Game Seven Grill.

The owners had asked for a great music and video system but they made it clear they wanted 'invisible loudspeakers'. "Community’s Commercial Design Series CP6 pendants were the perfect choice," said Mark. "They sounded great and we could get them in black to disappear against the black ceiling. We used Community’s R.25 loudspeakers for the outdoor plaza seating," he continued.
Game Seven’s soundsystem is used for background music and for sports event play-by-play audio. The system is divided into two zones: indoor and outdoor. During a baseball game or other sporting event, the restaurant can choose to play the audio from a local radio or TV station into either zone. The audio system is powered by CTS amplifiers and features a BSS DSP system with touch-panel controls for volume and source selection.
"We did a little EQ but didn’t need much," said Mark. "The owners are extremely pleased with the sound and appearance. We’re expecting them to expand the system to the upper level of the restaurant, which will be undergoing renovation prior to the 2014 season."





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