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Denon Keeps Fitness Fans in Sky-High Spirits

Futuretech has installed three Denon DN-700H Network Audio Players at Sky Spirit Fitness Lounge in Malta.

Since the first terminal building was constructed back in 1956, Malta International Airport has seen continued development as air traffic has increased. One of the latest facilities is the SkyParks Business Centre, where Denon Professional audio equipment is helping to keep the Mediterranean island’s executives fit and healthy.
Despite Malta’s comparatively small size, frequent direct flights to many European destinations mean that customer expectations have risen in line with airport facilities on the mainland. Opened last year, the SkyParks Business Centre is a mixed office, retail and leisure development which equals anything that other European airports can offer.
The Sky Spirit Fitness Lounge is its latest facility, opened in October, featuring state of the art equipment and fitness programmes. Audiovisual equipment was installed by Fgura-based Futuretech, who installed three Denon DN-700H Network Audio Players in the fitness instruction rooms.
The DN-700H features integral Apple AirPlay technology, which allows music to be wirelessly streamed from any Apple device, such as an iPhone, iPod, iPad or laptop. This means that instructors at Sky Spirit can easily play their choice of music for any class.
“We chose the DN-700H because it allows each class to play music wirelessly and reliably. The instructor switches AirPlay on his device, connects it wirelessly to the Denon unit and chooses the desired music from his iTunes playlist,” said Futuretech Managing Director, Stefan Farrugia. “The music is streamed through the network in that room, without any glitches or dropouts.
“With each room having a separate DN-700H and AirPlay network, each class can play different music at the same time. This means that the centre’s owners can make full use of all the rooms at all times,” concluded Stefan.





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