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SRB Brooklyn Equipped with Harman Audio System

SRB stands for soul, rhythm and blues. All of which can be heard with the help of a new Harman soundsystem featuring AKG, Crown, dbx, JBL and Soundcraft components.

Brooklyn, the music-soaked borough that brought us Barbra Streisand, Foxy Brown, Barry Manilow, Jay-Z and many others now boasts SRB Brooklyn, a brand-new venue dedicated to live music, dancing and bringing back the energy of the clubs from the ‘60s and ‘70s.

“When we bid on the project, the owner of SRB Brooklyn told us he wanted to cater to all types of music and bring in national acts, and that he wanted a top-quality sound system,” said Jeff Kwan, Vice President of New York sound contractor Canal Sound and Light."

“The building is a converted warehouse, so we had some architectural constraints,” continued Jeff. “It’s a long room but has a low ceiling so flying the main speakers was challenging. We went with two ground stacks of four Vertec VT4888 midsize line array elements per-side. We also installed three JBL ASB7128 subwoofers under the stage - the ASB7128 is specifically designed to work well either ground-stacked or flown.”

A variety of additional JBL loudspeakers round out the system. Eight VRX915M and two PRX612M floor monitors are deployed onstage and two ASB7118 subwoofers are used for drum fill. Four STX835 loudspeakers and two ASB7128 subwoofers are located at the rear of the club while four AC28/26 compact loudspeakers and one AM7212/00 provide additional fill throughout the venue.

A variety of AKG mics fill out the system, including D7 vocal mics, C3000, C451B and C535EB vocal and instrument condenser mics, C518M and D112 drum and bass drum mics, D40 instrument mics and a P2 low-pitched instrument / bass drum mic. In addition the stage is equipped with 20 BSS AR-133 active direct boxes.





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