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Mood Media Choose Bose Components for Shopping Malls

Mood Media has looked to Bose PowerMatch 8500N power amplifiers, ControlSpace digital signal processing and CobraNet digital audio interface cards for audio distribution in shopping malls.

The Bose installations have taken place in numerous Simon Property Group malls in North America.

Mood Media, the world’s leading provider of retail music solutions and soundsystems, has seen recent growth in the design and installation of multi-zone distributed audio in shopping centers and other public locations.

Mood Media has turned to components from Bose Professional Systems, including PowerMatch 8500N configurable power amplifiers, ControlSpace digital signal processing (DSP) and PowerMatch CobraNet digital audio interface cards, for many such installations in malls in the U.S. and Canada. Several of these projects have been in properties owned and managed by Simon Property Group.

Craig Breigle, Premier Systems Account Executive, Mood Media, noted that the PowerMatch and ControlSpace products are chosen for their reliability, as well as the flexibility that comes from having several channels on the amp, a hallmark of PowerMatch.

“The system configurations in these malls vary greatly from project to project. For example, sometimes we have a single ‘head-end’ control room, and sometimes there are two or three, depending on the size of the mall and other factors," said Craig. "We like having the option to bridge or not bridge PowerMatch amps based on the situation, not to mention the high number of channels per amp. We need an incredible amount of reliability and flexibility in the products we spec, and Bose PowerMatch amps and ControlSpace network cards are just the right building blocks for these systems."

Bose engineering personnel worked closely with Mood Media on these projects, meeting together at the installation sites for initial planning stages all the way through fine-tuning once a system is up and running. Art Webster, Vice President of Systems Sales, Mood Media, said: “Those are extra steps that we don’t see done quite often in the industry. We also recently spent a few days testing the CobraNet solution at a test mall, and it got us all on the same page.

"We tested the solution and made sure everything worked with their network and made adjustments needed upfront before a round of new installations. And together we continually vet a system right though the end. We do our homework before, during and after, and it shows when these systems perform flawlessly time and time again.”

“We are proud to partner with Mood Media on the Simon Property Group installations and other projects,” concluded Steve Miller, Manager of Major Accounts Group, Bose.





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