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Cluj, Romania

Whilst many consider the likes of Berlin, London and Ibiza to be the clubbing hubs of Europe, on the continent’s often overlooked peripheries, there are some surprisingly high-end venues being created. Obsession in the Transylvanian town of Cluj-Napoca is a case in point.

 Established in 2005, Obsession has gained a reputation as the best clubbing experience in Romania’s north west region, giving venues in Bucharest a run for their money by hosting a procession of international DJs like David Moralles, Hernan Cattaneo, John Digweed and Tiesto.
To keep things fresh, Obsession has a policy of constant reinvention and to this end, the club recently underwent a total technological and aesthetic upgrade. Romanian audio experts VH Electronics (VHE) were asked to bid for the project after the Obsession team had been impressed by their previous work in clubs along the Black Sea coast. VH Electronics, led by Hari Dascalu, proposed a complete overhaul of the audio comprising a powerful combination of Tannoy VQ speakers, Lab.gruppen amps and Sabine processing.

Obsession is a subterranean club entered via a long golden passageway leading directly into the main room. Here interior designers Indestudio have created an intimate space that mixes shiny onyx-black, gold-leaf and cut glass. SGM Idea Series moving heads provide the main dancefloor action while LED cove lighting and illuminated panels allow the Obsession team to subtly alter the club’s identity from one night to the next. It is the sound system, however, of which the club is most proud.

The launch of the VQ series last year marked Tannoy’s re-entrance into the club market. Whilst it has already been used to great effect in a number of venues (such as Es Paradis in Ibiza), the system at Obsession is by far the most impressive yet. The main room features a stunning eight Tannoy VQ 60s - full range, three-way loudspeakers offering very high output capability with class leading pattern control. With low frequency extension to 90Hz, the VQ 60 can be combined with various subwoofers for extended bandwidth and in the case of Obsession, eight Tannoy VS218 DR were placed around the room. Each VS218 DR 500 litre cabinets comprise twin 458mm (18”) high efficiency drive units producing 106dB/W, with a 100mm (4”) voice coil. Even the DJ booth has a high quality sound in the form of two Tannoy IQ10s.
The Lab.gruppen C Series of amplifiers powering the system provide each channel with an individually configurable Voltage Peak Limiter (VPL™), allowing the output to be optimised for any loudspeaker load - whether one massive subwoofer or a series of small 100/70 V loudspeakers. The VPL works in combination with adjustable input gain to achieve maximum headroom regardless of input levels or output impedances.

Alongside this, four Sabine NAV 4802s provide complete multi-input/output digital system processing with full loudspeaker management.

The recent completion of the club’s second room, a shiny white VIP lounge - offers a lighter more chilled alternative to the throng of the main room. Here too, Tannoy speakers dominate with seven VQ 60s and six VS218 DR subs.

VHE initially had some minor problems optimising the sound due to the main room’s complex acoustics. With the VQ Series only recently released, they had limited experience working with the product and so contacted Tannoy for some advice. Impressively, the manufacturer didn’t hesitate in flying Director of Business Development Graham Hendry over to Cluj-Napoca where he spent two days commissioning the system properly. Tannoy pride themselves in providing a high level of support to their customers, ensuring all their installs make an appropriately striking impact on all who hear them. It’s a smart move that is clearly paying off – especially in Eastern European countries like Romania where their reputation is growing exponentially.

Certainly the team at Obsession are converts. “I hadn’t heard of Tannoy before, but I’m really impressed by it,” says Obsession’s Dan Dragomir. “They have good SPL’s at all frequencies, especially the tops – they sound wonderful!”

Visitors have also been impressed. After performing at the club’s official reopening, John Digweed had nothing but good things to say about the system. “The sound is as good as it is in ‘Heaven’ in London, where we often play,” he commented. “It’s a real pleasure to mix in Obsession. We were completely unaware of Tannoy’s club sound, until now, but VQ changes all that.”


MAIN ROOM: 1 x SGM Regia 2048 Pro controller; 8 x SGM Idea Scanner; 3 x SGM Idea Spot 575; 2 x SGM Idea Wash 575; 8 x SGM Turbo strobe; 8 x SGM Victory 250 scanner; 16 x Eurolight Colorchangers 575; 4 x Blinders; 1 x Laser; 2 x Laser AL -57-30 R; 1 x Liteputer DX-610 LED effect controller; 1 x  Cooljet CO2 (8 heads)
VIP ROOM: 6 x SGM Idea Spot 250; 4 x SGM Idea Wash 250; 1 x SGM Pilot 2000 lighting control desk; 4 x Laser AL-57 30 R

MAIN ROOM:1 x Pioneer DJM1000 mixer; 2 x Pioneer CDJ1000 MKIII; 2 x Technics SL1200 MK5 turntable; 1 x Pioneer EFX1000; 2 x Shure Beta 58A mic; 3 x Sabine NAV 4802 processor; 4 x Lab.gruppen C68:4 amp; 2 x Lab.gruppen C48:4 amp; 1 x Lab.gruppen NLB 60E master controller; 2 x Tannoy IQ10 DJ monitor; 8 x Tannoy VQ 60 speaker; 8 x Tannoy VS218 DR sub;
VIP ROOM: 1 x Allen & Heath Xone:92 mixer; 2 x Pioneer CDJ1000 MKIII; 1 x Sabine NAV 4802 processor; 3 x Lab.gruppen C68:4 amp; 2 x Lab.gruppen C48:4 amp; 2 x Lab.gruppen C28:4 amp; 7 x Tannoy VQ 60 speaker; 6 x Tannoy VS218 DR sub; 2 x EV DJ monitor






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