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Paris, France

In a former boat shed on the River Seine under the bridge of Pont Alexandre III is Showcase, a Parisian venue which was set up by four professional musicians to cater specifically for live music.

The ethos at the heart of the club is for the audience to rediscover the feeling of experiencing authentic live music. Since the club has been open, a number of DJs, solo artists and interntational groups have graced the stage.
Showcase spreads over 2,000 sq metres which can accommodate up to 1,430 people. The club comprises a long bar, lounge area, restaurant, dancefloor and stage area, plus stunning views of the Seine. It is open on Friday and Saturday nights from 10pm until late (the restaurant is open daily). A great location combined with the charm of original architecture have helped make Showcase an instant success.
A combination of more than 100 Ayrton LED EASYCOLOR 2s, Clay Paky Mini Scan HP3s and Martin Pro MAC 250 Kryptons have been installed at Showcase as well as some architectural lighting. A large proportion of the moving heads and scanners have been mounted on a trussing structure that runs the length of the main room, where live bands and DJs play. Elsewhere in the venue, in both the bar and lounge areas, the lighting equipment continues to complement the audio system.
Paris based Alize Creation were hired to install the chosen fixtures and with such a large area to fill Bruno Leonard and Christophe Briet set to work with a challenge on their hands, but with a high team spirit they managed to pull off a stunning installation. 
When it came to fitting out the club with a new audio system there was a prominent problem which lay clear, the live room is a long narrow stone tunnel with open stone arches on either side leading to the lounge and restaurant areas. Director of Sound and Mix Engineer for Showcase, Julien Glabs says: “We do rock music, so we need good impact and plenty of midrange.” With this in mind Meyer Sound was chosen to take on the job. The venue is filled with a range of Meyer Sound self-powered loudspeakers and the award-winning Galileo™ loudspeaker management system.
Parisian company Best Audio completed the audio design and install with the team led by Sébastien Nicolas. He and Glabs worked closely together to ensure they achieved the best results. Nicolas says the original design brief was to have a multi-functional audio system suitable mainly for live shows but also for private events and discos too. “Quality was essential for this project,” he says.
The Meyer Sound products themselves were the key to making the audio system capable of the different applications. Nicolas continues, “We had to adapt the original design slightly to achieve what we needed, but my team was very quick to react to this.”
A concert system consisting of four MSL-4 loudspeakers was installed in the main performance area, accompanied by six 600-HP subwoofers. The subwoofers are organised into two cardioid arrays that each include three 600-HP cabinets; two of the subwoofers aimed at the audience, while the third faces the rear.
Two sets of delay loudspeakers are incorporated along the sidewalls, including a pair of UPA-1P loudspeakers and another pair of CQ-2 loudspeakers hung from the ceiling. The delay system also includes two floor-mounted 600-HP subwoofers for sufficient bass power.
The bar and lounge areas are taken care of by Meyer Sound UltraSeries™ products. Six UPJ-1P VariO™ and five UPA-1P loudspeakers, alongside two USW-1P subwoofers, sufficiently supply the small stage and the dancefloor in the bar area. While the lounge is equipped with another seven UPJ-1P loudspeakers and five ceiling-mounted UMS-1P subwoofers, meaning even if clubbers want to take a break and relax in the lounge area they can still be a part of the live atmosphere.
“Thanks to two Galileo 616 processors we can separate each zone very easily: the live stage; the bar in the middle with a little stage; the lounge. Also with a WiFi Laptop and the Compass 2.1 software the operator can take control on the entire system from anywhere in the venue,” explains Nicolas.
It seems there were no real problems during the project despite only having a very short time to draw up the plans, as Nicolas explains: “With the amplified technologies it was very efficient, the first time we put the system on, there was no buzz, no problem of cabling between processors or amplifiers. Five minutes after we had power to the loudspeakers they were in rehearsal for a BMW conference, which was the first event that took place at Showcase.”
Now that the club is finished and up and running Nicolas says, “The most successful element has to be the concert system. We needed to find an easy way for the stage systems to work while producing the best sound quality for the audience. These requirements were easily achieved with Meyer Sound products.”


4 x Meyer Sound MSL-4 horn loaded long-throw loudspeaker; 7 x Meyer Sound UPA-1P compact wide coverage loudspeaker; 2 x Meyer Sound USW-1P compact subwoofer; 13 x Meyer Sound UPJ-1P compact loudspeaker; 6 x Meyer Sound UMS-1P narrow coverage stage monitor; 8 x Meyer Sound 600-HP compact high power subwoofer; 2 x Meyer Sound CQ-2 narrow coverage main loudspeaker; 2 x Meyer Sound Galileo 616 loudspeaker management system; ; 1 x Digidesign VENUE console; 1 x Digidesign Pro Tools HD2 + Sync I/O + G5; 1 x Avalon VT747 SP twin signal path compressor-equaliser; 2 x Avalon VT737 SP preamplifier; 2 x Genelec 1032 APM studio monitor

40 x Ayrton LED EASYCOLOR 2; 27 x Clay Paky Mini Scan HP3 300W; 10 x Clay Paky Point MH; 39 x Martin Pro MAC 250 Krypton; 12 x Martin Pro MAC 300; 1 x Armoires 32A Automatic; 1 x Armoires 32A Mono EASYCOLOR 10C; 1 x Armoires 32A TRI CP HP3; 1 x Armoires 32A Pup LED; 1 x Armoires 32A TRI CP + LED + EASYCOLOR; 1 x ChamSys MagicQ MQ300 Pro console; 1 x LED effects generator; 1 x Jem ZR24/7 Hazer





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