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The Juilliard School implements Clear-Com's Tempest900 Wireless Intercom

Clear-Com has revamped the wireless setup at Juilliard School located in New York City .

The school installed three Tempest900 digital wireless intercoms in its production department and one additional system in its recording department. The two-channel Tempest systems provide coverage within each of the facility’s three performances spaces.

Previously, only one Juilliard theatre, the Peter Jay Sharp theatre, had a wireless communications system with wired Clear-Com being used in the other production venues. For wireless to work in the school’s Stephanie P. McClelland Drama theatre, it would require the installation of an expensive and complex antenna system with long coax cable runs to get sufficient coverage. Clear-Com’s Tempest900, however, offers reliable coverage that is free of dropouts wherever the production team needs communications. One remote transceiver is connected over a common CAT5 cable to enable communication in the drama theatre’s production space, allowing for a cost-effective setup. Additionally, each of the Tempest900 systems operates independently of one another without interference, even though all of them are located within the same facility.

“Julliard’s previous communications system placed a lot of restrictions on production staff members ability to perform at their best,” explained James Schaller, Clear-Com’s Regional Sales Manager for the US. "The Tempest900 system offers a wide range of reliable coverage, ensuring that personnel can remain in constant contact within each theatre. Due to the system’s advanced RF technologies, it experiences no interference from wireless devices, cell phones, or other Tempest systems."

With FHSS, each Tempest900 BaseStation employs a different frequency while at the same time changing frequencies every five milliseconds. It can be up and running in half an hour or less so crew members can focus on the production at hand without worrying about equipment setup. With Tempest’s T-Desk management software, the technical crew can also rapidly reprogram the system and customise communications for each production or project. The three theatre systems typically use a setup that assigns one channel to stage management, sound, and carpentry on the scene. The second channel is given to the lighting board operator and Lighting Designer.






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