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Barstow Street reopens with new Community Sound System

After a major revitalisation project, the city of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA, reopened Barstow Street. The project also included a new sound system.

Designed and installed by Audio Architects of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, the new Community sound system replaced an ageing system. Nancy Carlson and Andrew Pierson, Sales Engineers at Audio Architects, designed the new Barstow Street Sound system. Nancy said the city wanted a user-friendly system that could play automated background music for street fairs or holiday celebrations and provide live announce audio for parades and other events.
Nancy and Andrew designed a distributed system with Community DS8 loudspeakers to cover the street area and DS5 loudspeakers for the sidewalks. “The Community loudspeakers sound great, they’re weather-resistant and they complement the street’s new appearance,” Nancy said. “And it's very cost-effective which helped us meet the city’s budget.”
The designers added a processor that could store MP3 music sources and play them at scheduled times and powered the system with 70-volt amplifiers that allow flexible zone level control. By carefully aiming the loudspeakers at the street and sidewalk areas and away from the building faces, they were able to minimise sound levels in the upper floors of the buildings.





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