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Chroma-Q Inspire LED Lighting raises the house at Theatre Show Restaurant

One of Sweden’s largest ‘theatre show restaurants’, Rondo, have upgraded their house lighting system to Chroma-Q Inspire premium performance, energy-efficient LED house lights, to transform the feel and atmosphere of the popular venue.

Situated in Scandinavia’s biggest theme park, Liseberg, in the city of Gothenburg, Rondo stages high-class after-dinner entertainment shows and has featured performances from some of Sweden’s leading musicians. The venue is renowned for its glamour and exquisite dining experience.

Rondo wanted to upgrade their conventional tungsten house lights with a more modern and energy-efficient LED system, as well as offering an extra immersive dimension to their performances.

The existing PAR 64 system consumed a lot of power, and exchanging the expired lamps was made difficult by the dining seating positions below.

Following an onsite demo for Rondo's Stage and Restaurant Managers - as well as consulting one of the visiting production LDs regarding the fixture's specification - the Chroma-Q Inspire LED house light proved the ideal solution for the venue's needs.

The powerful, multi-purpose creative LED fixture is designed to transform the look and feel of a space. With fully homogenised RGBW colour mixing, the Inspire provides an excellent selection of beautiful soft pastels and bold saturates, as well as clean whites, with no unsightly colour separation shadows. 

The upgraded control system enables the Inspire fixtures to be DMX controlled from the venue's show lighting desk during performances.

Jesper Salhi, Stage Manager for Rondo, comments: “We are extremely happy with the Inspires – they offer good, clean white lighting for during the dining experience, as well as an incredible light output and soft, even beam that makes the venue glow with colour during performances without blinding the guests."





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