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Bose RoomMatch and PowerMatch chosen for University Centre  

Saint Louis University's opens Centre for Global Citizenship. The powerful and highly intelligible sound, was provided by RoomMatch loudspeakers and PowerMatch amplifiers.

TSI Technology Solutions, a division of TSI Global, the integrator used by the University to design and install the Centre’s AV systems, assembled a system consisting of six RoomMatch loudspeakers and two RMS215 subwoofers, all powered by three Bose PowerMatch PM8500N amplifiers.  

The Centre for Global Citizenship brings together the Office of International Services, the International Studies Program and the English as a Second Language Program. Its mission, which University President Emeritus Lawrence Biondi, S.J., stated, “is to make a world of difference, not just here at home, but also around the globe.” 

To accomplish their mission effectively, the Centre needed a quality sound system that would provide even, consistent coverage throughout the large space and also offer a high degree of intelligibility, difficult in what was once a basketball court. That’s where TSI turned to Bose Professional Systems.  

“This is a space that can seat up to a thousand people, so the sound has to have sufficient coverage, and it also has to be completely understandable to everyone listening,” explained Paul Murdick, President of TSI. “It’s a highly reverberant space and due to several considerations, including the fact that the building has historical significance whose integrity we had to maintain, it would have been difficult, if not impossible, to address the acoustics with treatment alone,” he said.

TSI utilised Bose Modeler software to design the PA system around the room’s architecture, producing both an accurate predictive layout of coverage patterns that saw RoomMatch enclosures suspended from three hangpoints above and following the curve of the stage. 

A center cluster included an RM9010 and an RM9020 module, and the left and right clusters each included, RM9010 and RM9020 modules and an RMS215 subwoofer. “This customer is very visually oriented,” said Paul. “Thanks to the Modeler software, they were able to see exactly what the system was going to look like once it was installed."





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