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Symetrix SymNet Radius 12x8 jazzes it up at Soul Food Restaurant

19 March 2014

Sylvia’s Restaurant in the Harlem neighbourhood of New York City serves soul food. Taylor Sound recently gave Sylvia’s an easy to use commercial-grade sound system centred on a Symetrix SymNet Radius 12x8 Dante networked audio DSP.

“The Symetrix Radius 12x8 was the first thing we installed at Sylvia’s, and it was almost too good,” said Bill Taylor, owner of Taylor Sound.

“They clearly needed new speakers and amplifiers as well, but the Radius was such a step up from their old system that, without an external reference, the improvement seemed more than adequate. We went with the Radius 12x8 because we knew the sound quality would be there and because Symetrix’ open-architecture programming would allow us to give them the customised performance."

Inputs to the system include a podium mic for calling guests when there is a wait, an iPod input and output from an existing PreSonus studio/live board. The board supports the musicians and vocalists for Saturday Jazz Brunch and Sunday Gospel Brunch, each a longstanding tradition at the restaurant. 

User control includes a Symetrix ARC-2e wall panel remote for each room, as well as Symetrix ARC-WEB for managers. ARC-WEB allows them to control the system from their smartphones. Taylor Sound is installing new Renkus-Heinz TRX81 loudspeakers in each room in phases.

“The Symetrix Radius 12x8 has everything we need, including comprehensive dynamics, equalisation, and delay for slight time alignment in each room,” said Bill. “I really love working with the SymNet Composer open-architecture software. It allows me easily create whatever I need for a particular situation. Of course, giving the client ARC-WEB for free is nice."





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