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Himmelstalundshallen Arena installs Crown DriveCore Series Amplifiers

Himmelstalundshallen is an indoor arena in Norrköping, Sweden. The oval-shaped arena was recently upgraded by Sound contractor Micab under the direction of installation specialist Mikael Bergvall.

“In addition to providing clear, intelligible audio we needed to achieve a system that provided equal coverage at every seating area,” said Mike. Working with Christer Lidberg and Jan Hedlund at Swedish distributor Septon Electronics , a system was designed based around eight Crown DCi 4|600N and eight DCi 4|300N networkable power amplifiers.

"Crown DCi Network amplifiers offer a number of advantages not available from conventional amps. Having both Ethernet and BLU link connectivity enables them to be easily networked over long distances and using BLU-link to network the audio system is extremely cost effective.” Mike pointed out.

The DCi Network amplifiers offer networked monitoring and control via HARMAN HiQnet Audio Architect system software, and digital audio connectivity using the HARMAN’s proprietary BLU link as well as analog inputs.

The JBL AM5215 loudspeakers are hung equally spaced around the perimeter of the arena and aimed into the seats, a configuration that directs the output of the loudspeakers to the seating areas while minimising reflected sound from the walls and ceiling along with any gaps or overlaps in coverage.

“The system really came together well and more than met the arena manager’s expectations,” said Mike. He noted that the support from Harman and Septon was “critical” in ensuring that the system’s components all worked together seamlessly and delivered optimum performance. 

He continued: “The quality of the sound in the Himmelstadlundshallen has been completely transformed. Everyone in every seat now enjoys clear, full range reproduction for game announcements, music and audio. The memory of the previous sound system is now just a fading echo."





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