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Emto LED Screen for Manbar

Manbar - one of London’s Sexiest Gay venues - just got sexier with a new installation of Emto’s Mambo 8 LED screen by the Buckinghamshire UK based LED specialist.

Emto’s Wes Matthews was contacted by the venue’s Manager Chris Amos who was searching for a reputable screen provider who could provide a cost-efficient visual solution to go at the back of their DJ booth when he came across the Emto website.

They discussed the requirements and then Matthews spec’d the screen. “They wanted a product with great clarity that was robust and hard-wearing,” explained Wes.

The screen is configured as a 3 metre wide by 1.5 metre high strip and fed with a range of ambient content, pre-recorded VTs and graphics stored on an ArKaos Grand VJ media server also supplied by Emto.

Emto was also flexible enough to offer the screen on a one week trial period before Manbar committed to the long term hire / installation.

In this time it had become a massive success, “Having seen it in action I can't think how we could party without it!” commented Chris.

The Mambo 8mm LED is tough and ideal for rental and staging applications of all types. It’s also extremely bright. So bright in fact, that it only needs to run at around 10% in this small venue.

It is also extremely lightweight - around 9Kg a panel - therefore easy to rig and transport, and comes with a dual power supply and a bunch of other useful features as standard.

Wes commented, “More and more venues are realizing what can be achieved using properly designed LED installations in their rooms, and Emto’s focus is on providing a system that is specially tailored to each environment.”





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